Friday, May 1, 2015

Four-Day "Pleiadian Higher Realm Initiations" Workshop - May 29th-June 1st

Are you ready for a truly transformational experience? 
"Pleiadian Higher Realm Initiations"
4 Day Workshop

at Peace Valley, Arkansas
May 29th – June 1st 


This is a unique and powerful gathering that has opened up for a limited number of people. This is a destiny call for those of you who are ready to work with a new set of Pleiadian higher-realm initiations. For the first time you will have an opportunity to work directly with me and the Pleiadians within a Communication Portal upon the sacred land of Peace Valley. You need to know that this is taking place so that those of you who are destined to be here can sign in.

You MUST have accommodations booked first!

 Go to the for more details!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Are you ready for your Journey to Source?

Journey to Source 

Access New Multi-Dimensional Openings
Initiating 4 New Energetic Centers*

with Christine Day, Alisa Logan, 
Gail & Gregory Hoag

LATEST NEWS FROM THE PLEIADIANS: There are dynamic energetic openings taking place on the Earth plane in the last few days of April. This happening will bring forth a change of monumental proportions for many of us. For the first time on our planet a series of veils will lift creating a multi-dimensional doorway for each one of us to access expanded higher states of our consciousness. Through these dimensional openings you will re-experience Truth as you reconnect to higher state of consciousness.

Saturday, May 2

10AM – 4PM
Columbine Spiritual Center
8900 Arapahoe Rd., Boulder, CO
You can join us via audio link and enjoy the program from your home.
The day will be available and recorded for future listening as well.  $129

This powerful and dynamic one day seminar in Boulder, Colorado is designed to support you in fully accessing new multi-dimensional openings. The Pleiadians will be offering initiations that will open 4 new energetic centers in your body to assist you with this multi-dimensional recalibration of your system. This will enable you to fully access and anchor these multi-dimensional states of consciousness within your physical body.

Transmission with Christine Day

Friday, May 1
7-9 PM
You can join us via audio link and enjoy the transmission from your home.
This will be available and recorded for future listening as well.  $20

For over 20 years, Christine Day has been transmitting the energies of the Pleiadians, Lemurians and other galactic communities to support our evolution on planet Earth.
In partnership with Gail and Gregory Hoag, masters of Sacred Geometry for
over 30 years, they bring a pivotal opportunity for you to move into the
higher frequencies of Pure Source Connection and advance your life in love.

*The opening of the new energetic centers in the body will enable you to naturally align into other dimensional realms. This will give you access to higher frequency levels of your pure source connections to your higher self.
These new energetic centers also work on dimensional aspects of your DNA strands, repositioning them to create a series of activations that carry pure frequency alignments through your pineal gland that bring to you a more expanded state of consciousness and a natural realignment to Truth.
This repositioning of the DNA strands creates a ripple effect through your systems and at a cellar level activates an energetic transmitter within each cell of your body. This transmitter has been lying dormant, waiting for this time, for this activation. As the transmitters begin to activate, there is a relay signal of your unique divine frequency sent outwards into the Universe, announcing your transitional awakening. You are recognized through this unique frequency transmission and then you are received and aligned to your place within the Universal Collective Consciousness.
As a result of this alignment you transform, because you are now aligned to a new potential within your self. Through this alignment you are able to navigate through the 3rd dimensional illusion and drama. You become present in your world carrying the higher frequency within you.

Friday, April 24, 2015

There's still time to sign up for the Self Liberation Releasing Process

LIVE WEBINAR 8th, 9th & 10th May
7:00pm - 7:30pm PST Cost $33

This is the second series being offered in this format. This series is focused on clearing blocks within that are in your way of you taking your next steps forward. Many deep issues are simply lifted during the class, it’s as though a weight is gone without you even necessarily understanding what was there. Now is the time for your liberation.

You will receive self-resurrection imprints through the Christ energy that are placed within your heart space for you to begin a new way of being in your life. 

Click HERE for details!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Journey with the Pleiadians, starting May 2nd!

Hi Everyone:


There are dynamic energetic openings taking place on the Earth plane in the last few days of April. This happening will bring forth a change of monumental proportions for many of us. For the first time on our planet a series of veils will lift creating a multi-dimensional doorway for each one of us to access expanded higher states of our consciousness. Through these dimensional openings you will re-experience Truth as you reconnect to higher state of consciousness.


with Christine Day, Gregory and Gail Hoag
Saturday, May 2 in Boulder, Colorado  ~ $129
Friday night Transmission ~ $20

This powerful and dynamic one day seminar in Boulder, Colorado is designed to support you in fully accessing new multi-dimensional openings. The Pleiadians will be offering initiations that will open 4 new energetic centers in your body to assist you with this multi-dimensional recalibration of your system. This will enable you to fully access and anchor these multi-dimensional states of consciousness within your physical body.

To Register:

3 Part Teleseminar Series in 9 Powerful Segments
Phase 1: Physical - April 20, 23,27
Phase 2:  Emotional - May 11,14,18
Phase 3:  Relationship - June 15, 18, 22
8-9:30 PM CT  ~ $169 full program or $69 per phase

Designed by the Pleiadians to bring you a series of light initiations to build your energetic and physical systems in your body. This will allow you to fully access and utilize the new multi-dimensional states of Pure Source energy of your higher self.

These seminars have been created by the Pleiadians to support you now. You have been waiting for this transitional step. Anchor to your channel and begin to consciously create your own reality within these multi-dimensional states in your day-to-day lives.

To get a sense of what will be offered in these teleseminars we are offering this   
“Free Call: Access New Multi-Dimensional Openings”

Title: Free Call: Access New Multi-Dimensional Openings
Time: Tuesday, April 21st at 6PM-PDT/8PM-CDT 
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
Phone number: (425) 440-5100
PIN Code: 931734# 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Messages from Christine Day and the Pleiadians

Christine Day
Hi Everyone, 

I do hope you are doing well at this very intense time on our planet. The Pleiadians keep saying to me this is the time we need to consciously choose our experience, to choose what our experience will be in each moment.

We consistently get to choose either the 3rd dimensional drama or to move out of the illusion and connect through our heart space to a greater space of Truth. This choice releases us from our limited perceptions or assessment of the ego. I know we have heard this time and time again, however, the Pleiadians are saying this is our next step.

Part of our challenge is adjusting to the illumination energies coming onto the planet that are creating feelings of confusion and vulnerability for our human aspect. At the same time, we have these multi-dimensional currents that are flowing onto our planet creating a further disorientation within as we are being moved into a recalibration of our electrical systems. This process of transformation is creating a lot of added challenges as there continues to be a building of intensity within our 3rd dimensional lives.

A call is going out for us to keep letting go no matter what, and to open into our heart connection. Each time you choose this, you take another step in breaking down the 3rd dimensional weaving that has held you in place for lifetimes. As your weaving, that you created, begins to loosen you set yourself free on another dimensional level.

I send love to you all and hold a space for each one of us to energetically support our selves within this process.

Blessings and Love, 


Message from the Pleiadians:

Beloved ones we great you,

Within your earth plane at this present moment exists the opening of a sacred opportunity for each one of you to receive. Through conscious choice you can align to an energetic pathway that will move you into a deeper connection to the higher realms. You will be given access to this energetic pathway in the 1st week of April. Look for a flow that will begin to birth within your heart center.

You do this by:

Sitting quietly and align to your heart by bringing your awareness into your heart. You can place your physical palm on your heart space. Then place your breath, like a soft wind into the space where your hand is being held.

Wait until you begin to perceive a frequency, a movement opening up through your heart space.

Then use the sound INDAH EE placing your sound into this movement or energy that you are experiencing.

As you make the sound, bring your awareness into the ripple of energy this sound creates and just breathe and let go with the ripples.

As you let go, you will be moved within this energetic pathway that is within your heart space and be aligned to this higher realm pathway.

Continue to use the sound as you feel and each time, let go. As you move with the ripples created by your sound, you are moved deeper into your higher realm connections.

As you work within these higher realm connections we can support you. Give us permission to support you in integrating the frequencies of light that you will be accessing and anchoring through your systems during this process of transformation.

We witness you.


The Pleiadians

Friday, April 10, 2015

Second Pleiadian Broadcast this Sunday!

Christine Day
2nd Pleiadian Broadcast of 2015

Sunday April 12th, 10AM-PDT
This second Broadcast of the year brings through initiations that are designed to support you in working with the accelerating illumination waves coming onto the planet.

We are being given this unique opportunity to choose differently… to consciously choose to break away from the weave of our 3rd dimensional illusions.

In the transmission you are given a direct experience of the "self liberation releasing process" which is a work that is only now possible with the lifting of the veils and the new energies on the planet. Christine works with releasing blocks and barriers that have been keeping you stuck in place, locked in a prison of illusions for lifetimes.

You gain new insights and clarity to situations and understand Truth that you can bring to your day-to-day life. You receive "resurrection imprints" with the Christ energy to assist you in moving towards a new perspective.

Remember, the transmissions in these Broadcasts have an accumulative effect on you. You transform each time you watch as your ability to carry new levels of the frequencies within this process expands. Let go and breathe!

The next Broadcast is coming in May.

To view the show go to and click on!

Send all comments and queries to our attention at:

You can access any broadcast in our Pleiadian Broadcast archives 

Friday, March 20, 2015

March message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones we great you,

Strong forces enter your earth plane at this time. They are here to assist you in your transition in moving from a 3rd dimensional illusion perspective to a 4th 5th dimensional perspective of Truth.

You have been waiting for these specific energies that are designed to break down the hold of your 3rd dimensional weaving that has anchored you, held you in place in order to have your human experience. You have woven this illusion around you and now is the time to release your self from this webbing.
Now is the time to move beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion, it is the time to open into realms of truth and understanding beyond what you have known. You have completed this experience of lack and struggle and feeling small, insignificant. Now is you time to emerge out of restriction into the light of fulfillment and creation.

Your ego mind is the anchor that keeps you within this webbing of illusion. Your heart connection takes you beyond this webbing into a place of self-fulfillment and freedom to be the creator. There are many energetic forces here to support you in your transition to remembering who you are and what you hold within you. Know that we play our part within a universal team, working to support this transition that is taking place on your planet. This transition is taking place on many dimensional levels.

You are being asked to play your part consciously now. To choose consciously what brings you joy in the moment, to choose your heart connection in the moment, to remember that no matter how stuck you feel, you always have a choice to do things differently. Do not settle for the mundane movement of your routine. Change just one aspect of how you do something; change the order of when you do something. Each time you choose to change and do one small detail differently the wheel turns, and there is a shift within the anchor of your 3rd dimensional webbing.

It is the time for you to make simple changes in the way you do things that will begin to erode this anchor within your 3rd dimensional webbing. Feel your self in the moment. Just stop and breathe and feel you breathing. Open up to what is around you and just stop and breathe.
This is your time to wake up and live!

We are with you.


The Pleiadians

Friday, March 13, 2015

The next Pleiadian Broadcast happens THIS Sunday!

1st Pleiadian Broadcast of 2015
Sunday March 15th, 10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern

The Pleiadians are bringing forth really strong energies into the first two broadcasts of this year. The first Broadcast airs Sunday, March 15th and the second Broadcast follows closely, airing on Sunday, April 12th. The Pleaidians tell us that on March 1st there was an energetic shift within the central rotation point in the earth. This shift has magnified the illumination waves coming onto the planet. The magnetic shift creates an expanding of our heart cells, which is designed to accelerate our awakening.

In the Transmission, the Pleaidian Communication Portal form is introduced and in integral part of the process designed to support you through an expansion within the heart and pineal gland.

Remember, the transmissions in these Broadcasts have an accumulative effect on you, building your ability to carry these new frequencies. You are being asked to “let go” on another level and to really trust that “all is in hand.” You can do this now!

The next Pleaidian Broadcast date, following March 15th, is Sunday, April 12th 2015 at 10AM Pacific!

To view the show go and click on!

Send all comments and queries to our attention
You can access any broadcast in our Pleiadian Broadcast archives 

Friday, March 6, 2015

March Message from Christine Day

Hi Everyone,

The month of February has flown by in a flurry of activity. I have been incredibly supported with the opening of one-dimensional level of the 2nd Communication Portal in mid January. The Pleidians tell me that there are eleven dimensional levels in total to be opened for the completion phase. It feels as though the next opening will take place around early May. I will keep you updated as I get more information. 

I do know that there are powerful transformative energies flowing from both Communication Portal sites out to the Lemurian Portal that exists about 1 mile out in Lake Superior, directly in front of the house. The energy between the two Communication Portals and the Lemurian Portal are forming a triangular/pyramid structure of light.

I feel excited and exhilarated by witnessing this process, and in finding that I am playing an integral part within this unfolding. There is a pure aspect birthing taking place and what I perceive to be the beginning steps to the receiving station anchoring on our land.

With the expanded magnetic shift taking place on the planet right now, coupled with the expanded Illumination waves coming onto our planet, there is an amazing opportunity for each one of us to disengage from the 3rd dimensional weaving that we have created in our lives over this lifetime.

The Pleiadians have been showing me how to move myself even further away from the illusion in my life and to focus differently within the moment to create and birth a new weave of light through my life. They say this will enable us to accelerate into our awakened state. I will be opening up a sacred process for you all to move through on the next three blogtalkradio shows.

You will get to consciously create and anchor through your own weaving and open to a step in your sacred process of returning home.

This is the time!

Blessings and Love, 


Friday, February 27, 2015

The latest message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones we great you,

With the new energies working within your planet, within your energetic field you are being called to move into a new state of being. The focus right now is to open up to an acceptance of all people regardless of the 3rd dimensional reality of differences. It is the time to let go of judgments which create separation, understanding the importance of self acceptance, and acceptance of others.

You can witness someone without judgment, understanding that each person has their own individual journey to take and each person has the right to do what they need to for their own experience.

It is a time of sacred union with others, to let go of the “I” and join in collective energies to move into your next step of your work experience. Your planet needs the energy of community without ego now. It requires each individual to bring in their own unique divine quality to the whole community so that there is enrichment to all within that community.

Love is the key and it is the time to drop the ego element that creates separation, that prevents the love unfolding to new dimensional levels. You need to be willing to open to a different aspect of intimacy between you and others. This will allow a healing of old wounds created by abandonment and betrayal from past experience. Be willing to allow a healing of your own heart space, and hold the love for your self and others.

Know that it is the time now for change, to move forward into a community that will receive you. It is the time to end an element of separation within you, to accept yourself, and begin to disengage yourself from the 3rd dimensional illusion.

The illumination waves are dissolving the hold that the 3rd dimensional illusion has imprisoned you for life times. It is the time to step beyond the limitation, lack, struggle and fear that has held you captive. The loosening of the 3rd dimensional hold makes it possible for you to disengage from your perceived limitations and for you to begin to choose differently.

Choose freedom, abundance and open into an unlimited space in which you can create your world. The energies are here to support you now as you consciously choose to take a step away from old self-imposed restrictions. Simply change you mind and your focus, then your life can change.

This is a time where your power is re-surfacing. It takes just one moment of doing something differently, by claiming your free choice, to be moved into a different energetic flow of your abundance. Choose now to change just one element of your limited thought pattern.

You do this simply by letting go of one restriction in the moment that you have placed around you. You are not a victim. You hold a grand capacity to create. When you change one restriction, your outer world can change because you begin to align to a flow of abundance that is naturally yours.

Moment by moment you can claim this birthright. Each moment you choose to let go and be with that truth, the wheel turns, and change begins to naturally move within your life in many different ways.

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain by taking this step. It is your time now. We hold out a hand to support and steady each one of you who are willing to choose to take another path now. We witness you and acknowledge you have free will to choose. This is your choice, to either stay in limitation or to change your energetic environment  around you of abundance.

The frequency of truth and love will be accelerating on your earth plane this month. Join the flow of this current, take your place and be seen.


The Pleiadians

Friday, February 20, 2015

Upcoming webinar events in 2015

Not in a position to travel right now? No worries. You can join Christine online for three great new webinars!


This series is focused on clearing old belief systems that keep you weighed down, limiting your ability to move forward in your life, keeping you in cycles of struggle, fear or guilt. There are blocks within you that are in your way of you taking your next steps forward. These issues are simply lifted during the class, it’s as though a weight is gone without you even necessarily understanding what was there. Now is the time for your liberation.

Through the essence of the Christ energy, self-resurrection imprints are then placed within your heart space for you to begin a new way of being in your life. You can then open naturally to a reconnection to your pure source energy of your higher Self.

Dates: May 8, 9, 10

Reserve your spot in the Self Liberation Releasing Process here


This is an exciting next step. The 2nd Communication Portal is now open on the land in Grand Marais. The opening of the 2nd Portal creates the first level of the opening of a multi-dimensional receiving station. This destiny call is for those of you whom have said “yes” to re-align to this receiving station of light. Come and take your place, an adventure awaits you!
Note: A pre-requisite for this course is the completion of Galactic Series I.

New Dates:  July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 August 5

Reserve your spot in the Galactic Series II here.
To register and complete the Galactic Series I click here.


The possibility to access your own pure source connection of your higher Self is here. Now is the time to realign to elements of your Self Mastery. In these classes you will re-access your Master energy and learn how to harness this energy and live within the natural flow of your abundance.

You will be given tools so that you can utilize your flow of abundance in your life for self-healing and manifestation.

Dates: June 13, 14, 27, 28 July 11, 12, 25, 26

Reserve your spot in the Master Class here.

Go to the website for more details under “Pleaidian Events 2015”

Friday, February 6, 2015

February Message from Christine Day

Christine Day
Hi Everyone,

This January has been an exciting time for me and the month has flown by. The 2nd Communication Portal, which was due to be opened and activated next May, was activated on January 14th This came along as a big surprise.

In the days leading up to the opening of our second Portal I became aware of a more expanded activity and connection to the Lemurian Portal out in Lake Superior. I could feel a change taking place with my electrical energetic settings.

We needed higher temperatures to be able to do the work necessary to activate the Portal, to be able to stay warm enough for the time that it would take to complete the first phase of opening of this 2nd Portal. We awoke on the day to found the temperatures in the 20’s. Feeling incredibly excited we went down to our beach to light a fire and do ceremony in readiness for laying the first dimensional layers of the Portal.

I must say that the day of opening up the first stage of activation was warm by comparison to all the other very cold days we had previously. We had been having temperatures between 0 and -35 degrees over the last weeks.

There were Lemurian beings on the rocks witnessing us and they were carrying a powerful frequency of light that they were transmitting to us. The beauty of the energy present was uplifting and sacred.

We worked in the portal for about 2 hours being fulfilled by this very sacred event. Alisa and I were amazed to feel so warm as we worked. Just as we completed what needed to be done, suddenly in one moment the energy changed and we both were freezing. We knew that our time in the Portal was over for now. Our magical moment was complete. 

Being part of the next phase of our mission with the 2nd Portal is filling me with a deep satisfaction and joy. I do know that the opening of the 2nd Portal activates the next step in opening another aspect of the receiving station that the Pleiadians, Lemurians and the Galactic Council have been speaking to me about. This feels like a big turning point in the completion of the next phase of this very important project.

The Pleiadians shared that we as human beings have taken accelerated steps in our awakening due to the expanded effects from the Illumination energy. We are now able to hold the expanded multi-dimensional energy that the 2nd Portal opening will create on the earth plane.

There are still many more dimensional layers to be place and activated within this 2nd Communication Portal to bring it to completion. However there are some very important energetic forms already active through just the 1st layer anchored.

Remember, the first portal had 11 layers of energy placed for a full activation. It has not been revealed to me yet how many energetic layers will be required within this 2nd Portal for full activation so that it can be fully operational for another aspect of the receiving station. I do know that this 2nd Portal will be much more significant and powerful to the planet when complete. I can sense the incredible energetic support by the Galactic community as we move through this unfolding.

An aspect of this 2nd Portal will be ready for our new Galactic II Series that will be a ‘live streaming’ event on July 1st this year.

I also want to share that this has been my birthday month and I was given guidance to retrace my steps back to where I had my first awakening by the Pleiadians 21 years ago. I knew this would be a life-changing event. I was returning back to a very sacred place for me, a place that created a turning point in my life all those years ago. I was told that by returning to that energetic experience I would be repositioned on a new path within my connections to the Pleiadians. I would receive energies now that I was unable to process and receive at that time of my first experience so many years ago.

As I arrived I found myself shaking. I walked and merged into the deep essence of experience, re-entering that moment that was being held for me within this place, a holy place of remembering and reconnection to my heritage.

The meadow was vibrating light consciousness, the space filled with the Pleiadian ship.  I remembered and moved merging with my Pleiadian family. I was embraced, celebrated for all that I had completed so far with them on this earth plane. Simultaneously I was presented with multi-dimensional elements of my Pleiadian power, knowledge and aligned to my full place within the Galactic community. I was shaken with the full force of my light and I consciously let go, opening up to received all that had been waiting for me.

I do know that I have gone through my next step of metamorphosis and I am just being with each moment to moment experience, opening up to my many multi-dimensional levels within. I am grateful and filled with awe at my journey.

Keep letting go.

Be committed to each unfolding moment before you, because in reality that is all there is.

Sending love and blessings,


Friday, January 30, 2015

Message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones we great you

The illumination waves enter your planet. They herald in the changing times through the acceleration of a multi-dimensional light consciousness. Through this light emerges a quickening of a light flow, creating change. These waves, this flow will build in momentum throughout January.

It is as though this light flow creates changing patterns of consciousness throughout your planet, altering conscious thought patterns within you that have been held in place for lifetimes.

Movement is the key word right now. Movement will be created in every form on your earth plane. Movement within you, movement outside of your self. Your only stable place is within your own heart/home space at this time.

Know as you progress through January you will need to develop further your natural alliance with your heart/home space. The illumination waves are designed to push you, moving you back into where you naturally belong. It is the time for this change, it is your time for your dimensional reconnection.

We have given you powerful keys for connection to the light waves. We have given you keys to working within your home space. Now is the time to move forward into another perspective of reality, of truth.

You will not be able to hold on to old ways, old patterns any more. They cannot sustain within this light flow, and this light flow will be reaching every space held within your planet. This is the grand design, the next step in this time of renewal on your planet.
We are with you. We can support you energetically however we cannot take these next steps for you. Remember you said yes to being here at this time. We remind you of your own magnificence.

Let go, call in your support alliances while you take this next step forward, and say YES once more!


The Pleiadians

Friday, January 23, 2015

Lecture/Transmission of Light in San Diego Tonight

If you're in the San Diego area be sure to catch Christine's lecture:

Transmission of Light
January 23, 2015
Tiki Pavilion at the Town & Country Resort & Convention Ctr
500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108

Join Christine as she brings a  “Transmission of Light” from the Pleiadians. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience her energy “live” and speak with her in person. This event is by donation.
Contact:  Caitlin

Friday, January 16, 2015

Pleiadian Initiations Radio with Christine Day

The new Pleiadian Initiations radio program with Christine Day has replaced Pleiadian Tools for Self Realization that used to air on The Awakening Zone Network. The new show airs on the same days and time as the old show, on the first and third Mondays of each month at 2:20PM-Central time,

Come and be a part of this exciting new show. The focus will be on bringing you the latest from the Pleiadians on what  energetic trends are affecting you in your day to day life and learning how to work within these elements of our earth changes.

There will be a question time, answering your personal questions and ending in a transmission of light with tools given from the Pleiadians for you to utilize.

Again, the shows will air on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 2:30 pm – 4 :00 pm CST and will be available in the archives.
To access the show page and listen or find a link to an archived show,

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

There's still time to sign up for the Self Mastery Class in San Diego

Self Mastery Class
Jan 23rd – 25th, 2015
Town & Country Resort & Convention Ctr
San Diego, CA

I am so excited to see all of you who plan to be at the San Diego event. I do know with the new illumination waves coming onto the planet that we are going to be having a life- changing event in this 2 Day seminar. This is a destiny event for many of you.

The Pleiadians tell me that there will be unique process’s set in motion within the seminar to support you in being able to fully align to the light activation within the illumination waves. You will learn how to channel and utilize these new light frequencies that are present for you within the illumination waves.

A series of sacred tools will be given to support you in fully harnessing elements of your pure source connection to your higher self, expanding your own Mastery energy to enable you to begin to consciously work with your Master energy in your day to day lives.

Mother Mary will be playing a powerful role in the seminar, supporting your transformation of your heart/home space. This seminar will be a journey back to home base.

Come and join us… for this destined step on our grand adventure!

2 Day Workshop cost: $225   
“Early Bird Special” cost: $195 if paid by December 20, 2014

Saturday, January 24th  10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Sunday, January 25th  10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

To register go onto my

Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year Message from Christine Day

Happy New Year!
I must say that there has been a very different element in the energy coming onto the planet leading into this New Year.  I know that the Pleiadians gave us information about these expanded transformational frequencies that would be coming onto the planet within these illumination waves at this time.  As we have moved closer to January 1st I was witnessing a new quality of light carrying an expansion of love unfolding within my own heart space. This love frequency created a series of unique individual experiences, a deeper communion with the Spiritual realms and my many Galactic community connections.
Mother Mary has been speaking of the need for each one of us to reach within our own heart space. Through this conscious reaching inwards there is a pure aspect of our selves that can be sourced at this time through our own heart/home space. Through this new potential of access each one of us can accelerate our own birthing process by aligning to our pure source light of higher consciousness. As you utilize these elements held within the illumination waves each one of us can come into our own pure potential of our own heart space.
It is essential at this time that those of us on the path allow our reconnection now. There is an urgency for each one of us to take another step, trusting through the integrity of the heart, and not to analyze with the ego mind. Just Being
This means we may feel more deeply emotional in the moment, we may feel more vulnerable within the moment and that there can be an experience of being isolated, alone within this experience. Know that as you step out into new realms within your self there are always moments of feeling alone. This is a natural experience initially. You will find that this experience of being alone does not last, however it is necessary as you begin another road / link to higher aspects of your self.
This vulnerability is a direct result of our heart space transforming and a re-alignment to our sacred home space opening. The knee jerk reaction to this vulnerability is to take a step back, to close off. However the opposite is required.
We need to forge forward more deeply within our vulnerability and let go, reaching further within this new space of being. There will be a moment when you will see and experience a new level of truth within your self. You will be revealed to your self within a light space and reach a place of a deeper understanding of your natural place within the universe.
I am finding within these expanded experiences there is a continual birthing of my own pure source element which move me into new realms of expression and understanding. I can liken it to a new life force expression birthing through me and simultaneously expressing outwards through the world. There is an unexpected expression of an element of love that fills me, a love that I have not experienced from within myself in this lifetime. It reaches out and at the same time touches me deeply within my human element.
I am deeply excited and joyful with the thought of moving out into the world and doing my work in 2015. With my joyful heart I send love out to all of you. Let’s through conscious choice open up to each other through these sacred connections.
Love and Blessings,