Thursday, July 28, 2011

Receiving and Realigning with Transformative Energies, Part 5

Imagine yourself in front of your own sacred altar, and lay out on this sacred altar all that you need for yourself.  And as you lay it out see it as a sacred prayer going outwards to the universe—a sacred prayer from you to the Universal Consciousness. The Universal Consciousness acknowledges your place and your right to receive as you lay out what it is that you need for yourself in this moment. And as you align to whatever you place on your altar you align to your place within this Universal Consciousness—within the oneness—and you acknowledge the oneness and your connection to all life force as a truth. 

As you meet all life on this planet you meet yourself. You need to open up to that truth, that as you meet all life force on this earth plane within this universe you meet yourself. You are bringing that energy out to all life as you do you bring it towards yourself, and as you align and place your things on this sacred altar you make your prayer—your statement of receivership through your heart—you claim that natural birth right, and you can claim it without being in perfection. 

The idea that you must be perfect has always been the lie here.  You do not have to be perfect in order to receive what it is that you need for yourself as your natural birth right. Just take a breath and allow this truth to sink into your heart. Receive this truth now in this moment of time. More now than any other time the veils are lifting and the truth is being revealed to us—to you. And the love is there as well as the appreciation for all parts of your journey up to this moment in time.  

You are appreciated and loved for everything that you have done—for all your acts—and you need to let go of the judgment that you carry inside yourself. Take a breath, and remember this as you look into the eyes of all human beings, of all life force throughout the universe. As you look into yourself, claim yourself, moment by moment, day by day. 

Live in this consciousness of which we speak. Live in the truth and you'll live these days gloriously conscious, taking responsibility for your all of your moments, the moments you are aligned and the moments you are not aligned. Remember you will be imperfect, because in humanness that is what happens. When this comes up for  you smile to yourself and then adjust yourself in that moment. Hold yourself in love at that moment. We hold you in gratitude and love. We hold you in your holiness and your wholeness, and we ask you to do the same with yourselves. So be it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Receiving and Realigning with Transformative Energies, Part 4

Letting go through the heart . . .

There is a lot of energy of love flowing, and it’s about opening up and owning the blocks that you have placed around yourself, for allowing yourself to close down. It is time to open to yourself.  You deserve to have what it is that you need right in this moment, to reclaim the right to receive. That self condemnation, those blocks, go into the heart and close off those receivership levels through the heart. Just take a breath and breath into the events that you have used to condemn yourself.  Allow your breath to move through the heart, breathing through your very cells.

Know that you have done the very best that you could as a human being being,  perfectly imperfect. You have come to learn through your mistakes and then let go of the self condemnation. Hold yourself in a state of love, and know the Pleiadians are here holding you in this state of love, too. Be willing in the moment, right now, to receive this loving force of yourself, for your heart, receiving this loving force of yourself within your heart.  The energy is here for your transformation.  Just for one moment allow for that truth that you have done the very best that you could as a human being, perfectly imperfect. You have made those mistakes and still you hold yourself with love and compassion and patience, for doing the best that you could in each and every moment.  

Take a breath through your heart, through your energetic heart, and as you do those receivership blocks begin to melt away. We are with you holding you in love as you allow this transformation in the cells of the heart. And the new light essences on the planet enable you to transform on a whole new level, an effortless level. It’s like the veils are lifting in this moment to allow you to open up those blocks to receivership in the heart. Take a moment to bring all your consciousness into your heart and claim your cells. Reclaim your cells so that they may begin to align to a state of receivership,
so they may begin to realign and you may reclaim your humanness in your full beauty, in your vulnerability, in your essence of humanness.  

Hold yourself and turn back to see yourself with love and compassion. Hold and love yourself for all your imperfections, for all your mistakes, and just allow the conscious breath to move through you. Breathe into and hold your sacred heart while allowing this new level of energy of receivership to birth back into your sacred heart. Claim your natural heritage of receivership, allowing your sounds though the cells of your heart.

Bring your consciousness back to yourself, and in your humanness open up to a conscious alignment with Spirit. Claim your place within the universal consciousness and allow yourself to open up to the universal consciousness with your needs, with your human needs right now on this Earth plane, bringing them forth and presenting them out like laying them out on your own sacred altar. And as you lay your needs out the universe can hear you. It’s about opening up risking to ask for what it is that you need and breathing into your heart, opening into a state of receivership as you lay each piece down for what it is that you need in this moment, in this life, right now. Breathe consciously, opening to this connection of your heritage with the spiritual realms, with the universal consciousness. Consciously open up to your place right now in this moment of time.  Just acknowledging your place is enough. You are enough, right in this moment of time, to receive all that you need. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Receiving and Realigning with Transformative Energies, Part 3

As we birth our Spiritual natures we birth back into a  remembering state of being-ness. You do not have to do it alone, however you need to go through your heart to realign yourself utilizing the new energies that are anchoring on the Earth plane. Realign yourself back to a conscious way of being and let the fear go,  just let the illusion of fear go. And that does not mean that you do not feel the fear. It means that you step forward anyway and take the next indicated steps trusting in the alignment of your own heart.  And with each step that you take towards yourself you take toward all other human beings, understanding that we area all one that there is no separation between us. There is no separation from Spirit There is no separation from the Universal Consciousness and all that exists there, including the Pleiadians. We need to start opening up and remembering where we are and who we are in that Consciousness, and you don’t have to do it alone. You just begin by saying, "YES I am willing to remember, and to remember that I am all things, and all things are in me."

Coming back to that incredible loving force of unity starts with you, yourself.  It has to begin with you and it has to come back to a loving embrace of yourself ending the separation within you. You can do this now. The energies are set to allow you to start embracing yourself moment by moment, one moment at a time, and by breathing and allowing a state of forgiveness to exist within yourself.  It is time, and it’s part of your natural birthright. And as you receive yourself back into this human element, perfectly imperfect, then you begin to birth back into your divine natural spiritual nature, and you begin to hold all beings with the same love and compassion as you do yourself.
But it cannot happen, the tables can not turn until you move back towards yourself. We can help you. You have turned away from yourselves long enough with the guilt, and the shame, and the self condemnation. We ask you in this moment to take a breath and come back toward YOU. You have done the very best that you could in every moment. We know that. We have watched your lives. We have watched the journeys that each one of you has taken. We witness you. We love you.

You are loved, and it is time to turn back and hold yourselves with that love, to be willing to say YES to not do it perfectly, to be willing to turn back and to hold yourself even for just one moment.  It makes no difference. The healing steps begin if you can do it for one moment, right now, knowing you have done the very best that you could in each moment. One moment of holding yourself in this loving embrace, allowing all self imposed burdens and self imposed judgments to drop away. Just take a breath and know that you’ve done the very best that your could. Allow something to drop away at this moment, just in this moment of time, knowing that in this moment you are being held in safety and in love.  

Breathe and let go. Breathe and let the breath go through the cells as you hold yourself in love in this moment of time, just allowing your bodies to move freely. And as you do the cells in your body have a chance to begin to transform, as you let go and just hold yourself in love. Allow any sound you need to make to come through.  Allow your body to move freely. Hold yourself in that loving embrace and know the energy, the pure light force that is coming onto the Earth plane through these flares of light that are bringing a new light, a new essence, a new dawning to our Earth.

Open up to receive what is anchoring here and what is going to accelerate in the coming days. Allow yourself to open to the light energy that is coming onto the Earth and allow yourself to anchor it through the cells of your heart, just holding the heart and breathing into the cells.  Breathe through your heart. Open up and allow this new life force through the cells of your heart. Claim your heart in this moment and anchor this light through the cells, claiming you through the cells of your heart.  Breathe through the cells and allow this birth through the cells of the heart, awakening those heart cells that have been closed down through the block that you have imposed against yourself. Allow yourselves to open to your sound with the conscious breath, and allow this block through the cells of the heart to dissipate as you claim yourself, as you reclaim yourself in your humanness. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Receiving and Realigning with Transformative Energies, Part 2

What you do for yourself you do for each person around you and each person on this planet. There is no separation. There is so much love being held for you, and we are being asked to open to a whole new level of consciousness in life, right now—a daily conscious connection to Spirit-Calling-Spirit forward, asking what it is you need to receive in your life, now, for your next step.  If you do not understand your next steps then ask for the clarity to be given to you, allow yourself to wait for the door to be opened, and then walk through.  

You are being asked to choose conscious living—conscious coexistence here on this earth plane. For Spirit this isn't just about human beings, it's also about natural forces and opening up to receive the new energies that these natural forces are bringing to each one of us for our own healing and resurrection.  Bring your sacred heart out to these natural forces and allow yourself to be held and healed along with the natural forces.  Consciously say YES to the next step even if you don’t understand what that next step is, because as a human you aren’t always going to know the truth. Allow the light of the Spiritual Self to take you forward. As your own rhythm of light blends with the rhythm of the greatriver of light, you will be able to flow and move you effortlessly to where you need to go next.

The ego mind is going through transformation at this time also, and there is a time where the ego mind and the heart will come together and align. The ego mind will relinquish it’s control of the illusion here on this plane. That time is coming. It is important to understand the greater truth than what "appears" to be here, the illusion that is around all of us on this earth plane right now. We must open up to the simplicity and the flow of our hearts and allow ourselves to begin to take conscious steps back towards our true selves. This includes accepting ourselves in our human element, in our humanness, and honoring the journey we take with ourselves, holding ourselves with love and compassion.