Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hi Everyone,

The energy of Lake Superior is amazing to experience. Each day I find myself moving into a deeper process of rapid transformation. I am in awe of the power and multi-dimensionality that I witness within myself being birthed moment by moment. Alisa and I have taken our next step towards the activation of the Portals. I know that we are activating an extremely important aspect of a main branch of energy for the planet.

I was given this information about the “main artery” that we would be opening within our earth plane. At first I was skeptical, however, I know this as a Truth now. I step forward claiming this Truth of the work that we have pre-agreed to do.

As we begin preparing the crystals and stones for the first Portal, I can sense a powerful force within the Lake beginning to respond. This comes through a transmission of light, emerging from under the water, and rising upwards to align with the crystals and stones as they are being programmed by the vortex.

With each step I need to integrate this powerful force within my cells. I find that I take one step forward and need to rest, to integrate. I am not in control of this process. I can only move forward as I am allowed. I do know the importance of not pushing, and instead being more aware of letting go, and letting go and letting go.

I am beyond grateful as I awaken each morning during this time, knowing I am ‘in heaven’ and opening to my Joy.

With love, 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Pleiadian Message from July 15th

Beloved ones, we greet you,
With the sacred patterns beginning to anchor within your earth plane at this time there is an acceleration of consciousness possible. Move with a consciousness in all that you do. Be aware of the many, supportive energies around you at this time. Reach out consciously and let go, allowing this new flow to encompass you.
It’s the flow within the sacred patterns that will support you. They carry a frequency of remembrance for you to embrace. Let go and allow this. Don’t hesitate to open through your heart center and receive the sacred patterns within your heart. Breathe, open to the flow, receive the sacred patterns of consciousness. We hold you as you birth forth. Allow the sacred tool of your heart to expand.
the Pleiadians
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Christine at the East West Bookstore in Mountain View CA, July 19-20

East West Bookstore
Mountain View, CA

Join Christine at the East/West Bookstore, Santa Clara, CA On Evening Talk – Friday, July 19th 7:30 pm – 9 pm 

Christine will share what the Pleiadians want us to know about the earth changes that are taking place right now, and the dimensional transformation that is creating a metamorphosis within our physical bodies. She will be bringing the latest information to us on how to work within our selves so that we can flow within this transformational time. This will include a live channel with Q&A and a powerful light Transmission from the Pleiadians.

For a One day workshop Saturday, July 20th 11:30 – 5 pm 

During this one-day workshop Christine will be talking about what these living principles are and presenting step-by-step tools for you to initiate into in order to begin aligning to aspects of these ‘sacred living principles’ through your heart center. This alignment to the ‘sacred living principals’ will support you in birthing deeper aspects of your telepathic abilities by bringing you energetically in alignment within the energies of the universe, giving you an access to be able to participate in the sacred telepathic communion within the universe. 

For more details, visit or call (650) 988-9800.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Pleiadian Message from July 1st

Beloved ones we greet you,
Today you begin a conscious reconnection to a sacred aspect of your self through the ‘living principles.’ This is a destiny call for each one of you and as you step forward today through conscious choice you are being held and witnessed in love by the full universal community.
This is a huge step forward as you rejoin sacred aspects of your self and move into playing a larger role within the Universe. You will begin to align to a special awakening pattern within the cells of your body to enable you to begin to open into the new sacred flow that is beginning to move and expand throughout your earth plane. You are a part of this sacred patterning and you claim and align to sacred aspects of home as you take this next step forward. All is in hand as you claim your place within the patterning.
Do not hesitate to fully let go and allow the fullness of the expression of your light flow to anchor within your heart center. Let go and breathe. This opens a natural alignment through your heart center as you open into another aspect of your multi-dimensional place through your heart center. Remember your heart center is a natural receiver, you receiving you this is an empowering role as you claim Self.
Your newly birthed aspect into this light flow enables you to support the earth plane as you align to this sacred patterning during this powerful transitioning time. We the Pleiadians are with you, the Lemurians are with you, all Galactic forces are with you.
the Pleiadians
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