Friday, March 20, 2015

March message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones we great you,

Strong forces enter your earth plane at this time. They are here to assist you in your transition in moving from a 3rd dimensional illusion perspective to a 4th 5th dimensional perspective of Truth.

You have been waiting for these specific energies that are designed to break down the hold of your 3rd dimensional weaving that has anchored you, held you in place in order to have your human experience. You have woven this illusion around you and now is the time to release your self from this webbing.
Now is the time to move beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion, it is the time to open into realms of truth and understanding beyond what you have known. You have completed this experience of lack and struggle and feeling small, insignificant. Now is you time to emerge out of restriction into the light of fulfillment and creation.

Your ego mind is the anchor that keeps you within this webbing of illusion. Your heart connection takes you beyond this webbing into a place of self-fulfillment and freedom to be the creator. There are many energetic forces here to support you in your transition to remembering who you are and what you hold within you. Know that we play our part within a universal team, working to support this transition that is taking place on your planet. This transition is taking place on many dimensional levels.

You are being asked to play your part consciously now. To choose consciously what brings you joy in the moment, to choose your heart connection in the moment, to remember that no matter how stuck you feel, you always have a choice to do things differently. Do not settle for the mundane movement of your routine. Change just one aspect of how you do something; change the order of when you do something. Each time you choose to change and do one small detail differently the wheel turns, and there is a shift within the anchor of your 3rd dimensional webbing.

It is the time for you to make simple changes in the way you do things that will begin to erode this anchor within your 3rd dimensional webbing. Feel your self in the moment. Just stop and breathe and feel you breathing. Open up to what is around you and just stop and breathe.
This is your time to wake up and live!

We are with you.


The Pleiadians

Friday, March 13, 2015

The next Pleiadian Broadcast happens THIS Sunday!

1st Pleiadian Broadcast of 2015
Sunday March 15th, 10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern

The Pleiadians are bringing forth really strong energies into the first two broadcasts of this year. The first Broadcast airs Sunday, March 15th and the second Broadcast follows closely, airing on Sunday, April 12th. The Pleaidians tell us that on March 1st there was an energetic shift within the central rotation point in the earth. This shift has magnified the illumination waves coming onto the planet. The magnetic shift creates an expanding of our heart cells, which is designed to accelerate our awakening.

In the Transmission, the Pleaidian Communication Portal form is introduced and in integral part of the process designed to support you through an expansion within the heart and pineal gland.

Remember, the transmissions in these Broadcasts have an accumulative effect on you, building your ability to carry these new frequencies. You are being asked to “let go” on another level and to really trust that “all is in hand.” You can do this now!

The next Pleaidian Broadcast date, following March 15th, is Sunday, April 12th 2015 at 10AM Pacific!

To view the show go and click on!

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Friday, March 6, 2015

March Message from Christine Day

Hi Everyone,

The month of February has flown by in a flurry of activity. I have been incredibly supported with the opening of one-dimensional level of the 2nd Communication Portal in mid January. The Pleidians tell me that there are eleven dimensional levels in total to be opened for the completion phase. It feels as though the next opening will take place around early May. I will keep you updated as I get more information. 

I do know that there are powerful transformative energies flowing from both Communication Portal sites out to the Lemurian Portal that exists about 1 mile out in Lake Superior, directly in front of the house. The energy between the two Communication Portals and the Lemurian Portal are forming a triangular/pyramid structure of light.

I feel excited and exhilarated by witnessing this process, and in finding that I am playing an integral part within this unfolding. There is a pure aspect birthing taking place and what I perceive to be the beginning steps to the receiving station anchoring on our land.

With the expanded magnetic shift taking place on the planet right now, coupled with the expanded Illumination waves coming onto our planet, there is an amazing opportunity for each one of us to disengage from the 3rd dimensional weaving that we have created in our lives over this lifetime.

The Pleiadians have been showing me how to move myself even further away from the illusion in my life and to focus differently within the moment to create and birth a new weave of light through my life. They say this will enable us to accelerate into our awakened state. I will be opening up a sacred process for you all to move through on the next three blogtalkradio shows.

You will get to consciously create and anchor through your own weaving and open to a step in your sacred process of returning home.

This is the time!

Blessings and Love,