Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Pleiadian Enlightenment Academy is Now Open!

IT IS WITH GREAT JOY THAT I HAVE BEEN able to channel through this sacred work from the Pleiadians. They have opened up an exciting opportunity for us to receive the very first program in a series of unique Courses that they wish to teach us.
The first Course comprises a program, or series, of Light Initiations called Language of Light.
I am privileged to be working with the Pleiadians, and invite you to join me in this wonderful adventure of discovery of Self.  I refer to it as an adventure because I believe that the single most important journey that we are to make in this lifetime is the re-discovery of our Selves; this journey of the re-alignment back to our natural spiritual natures.
I personally, look forward to working with all of you that feel called to open up, to take your next step forward, and to say yes to participating in this transformative Course.
For more information on the Language of Light Initiations Course, please click on the link:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What is Frequencies of Brilliance?

To explain more about the work of the Pleiadians and the Frequencies of Brilliance I would like to share a short excerpt from my book, Pleiadian Initiations of Light, that explains. 


Frequencies of Brilliance is 4th/5th and 6th dimensional work, and it creates a powerful, multi-dimensional healing energy that is above and far beyond what this 3rd dimension earth plane can provide. Because this energy is from the higher dimensional levels it opens up and allows for advanced physical and emotional healing to take place with each person. An important role of this work is to also create accelerated spiritual awakenings though light initiations. These powerful initiations are designed to work uniquely with each person for whatever level they are at in the moment, bringing deep personal direct experiences from the Spiritual realms and the Pleadians. This work aligns you to new aspects of your light Self and anchors this light into the cells of your body for your awakening.

The Pleadians have crafted a series of light initiations designed to awaken the human being to be aligned to the Spiritual Self. They use the sacred geometrical forms for some of the initiations, and work within the Stargate spaces with you for other higher-level initiations.

Many of the healings associated with the Frequency of Brilliance have been called miraculous, yet in truth they are simply healings that are made possible when associated with the 4th/ 5th/ and 6th dimensions spaces. These energies connect to the higher levels of Self of the person receiving the work, allowing for deep healing to take place. This is cutting-edge healing work that can accelerate healing processes on a physical and emotional level, and take that person on the Spiritual path to an accelerated awakening.

The Pleadians are truly amazing in how they channeled through to me these different processes that are so dynamic and powerful. And even more remarkable is that all these processes bypass the ego mind, which is incredibly helpful to us as human beings. 

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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Those who are not familiar with my work with the Pleiadians will sometimes ask me what Pleiadian Transmissions are and what they do. I love sharing about the guidance and healing of the Pleiadians and want to share their knowledge and light with anyone who will receive it.  Pleiadian Transmissions are energetic sessions channeled by the Pleiadians that are held in different venues throughout the world. Open to the general public, these events usually last about ninety minutes. 

Each Pleiadian Transmission begins with a channeled dialogue from the Pleiadians.  Every transmission has a special theme  and so is always different from any other transmission. As the transmission progresses there is a combination of dialogue and toning that creates healing and energetic transformations, initiating you into a higher level of your own light. 

Pleiadian Transmissions are highly transformational, assisting you in taking another step towards your authentic Self. They work by transmitting healing light out to large groups of people, so everyone within the area receives these transformational light energies. The transmissions of light open up initiations for you, initiations of the Self through your cells. Thus you may experience healing of the physical and emotional bodies, and you may also experience new levels of spiritual awakening. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Look for the Language of Light series to begin soon.

THE "LANGUAGE OF LIGHT" SERIES WILL consist of three modules, each of which containseight separate classes, designed to be taken at the pace of two classes a month for four months. Each Class will be presented in video format, and is accompanied by downloadable homework in the form of PDF and audio files, which are designed to be completed after the class.
In Module one you will view a series of specially prepared Videos. I will personally guide you through each class, assisting you energetically as needed.
During the videos energetic Symbols will be presented to you, and you will be guided into energetic doorways within the Symbols where you will experience different dimensional spaces. Within these dimensional spaces you will begin to connect to aspects of your own light energy. When you journey within the doorways of light contained within each Symbol you will begin to re-align to your own unique frequency of light. 
You will also be introduced to sacred sounds that accompany each symbol. As you work with these Sacred Sounds, you will start to create a frequency that is uniquely yours, and which is not only recognized and received by the Symbol, but also acknowledged by the entire Universe.  Your Sacred Sound also resonates within your own body, which responds by creating openings within your cells and organs, enabling them to energetically expand in resonance with the Sounds, which in turn facilitates a rejuvenation and healing of your physical body. 
And finally, you will be introduced to specific hand mudras that bring another multi-dimensional dynamic to this awakening process. As you begin to master working with the Symbols and Sacred Sounds, a specific accompanying Hand Mudra is introduced to open up another element to accelerate your process.  Each Hand Mudra is an avenue to create a powerful alignment to different dimensions of light. Fluid states exist in all dimensions other than the 3rd dimension. As you practice and align with each aspect of the Mudra you will actually begin to connect with your own light, and start receiving flowing lines of light energy that birth within your cells, transforming them with a new level of fluidity. This will enable you to birth yourself from a 3rd dimensional state into 4th/5th/6th dimensional energy.
There is an energetic synergy between the Symbols, their Sacred Sounds and their Hand Mudras—a unity of light. Since each one of us also is a part of this unity of light, the initiations make it possible for us to return back into this oneness, to become one with this powerful synergy.
This IS “The Language of Light.”
Module 1 of the Language of Light series is coming soon.  Click here for a more detailed description of Module 1: