Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year Message from Christine Day

Happy New Year!
I must say that there has been a very different element in the energy coming onto the planet leading into this New Year.  I know that the Pleiadians gave us information about these expanded transformational frequencies that would be coming onto the planet within these illumination waves at this time.  As we have moved closer to January 1st I was witnessing a new quality of light carrying an expansion of love unfolding within my own heart space. This love frequency created a series of unique individual experiences, a deeper communion with the Spiritual realms and my many Galactic community connections.
Mother Mary has been speaking of the need for each one of us to reach within our own heart space. Through this conscious reaching inwards there is a pure aspect of our selves that can be sourced at this time through our own heart/home space. Through this new potential of access each one of us can accelerate our own birthing process by aligning to our pure source light of higher consciousness. As you utilize these elements held within the illumination waves each one of us can come into our own pure potential of our own heart space.
It is essential at this time that those of us on the path allow our reconnection now. There is an urgency for each one of us to take another step, trusting through the integrity of the heart, and not to analyze with the ego mind. Just Being
This means we may feel more deeply emotional in the moment, we may feel more vulnerable within the moment and that there can be an experience of being isolated, alone within this experience. Know that as you step out into new realms within your self there are always moments of feeling alone. This is a natural experience initially. You will find that this experience of being alone does not last, however it is necessary as you begin another road / link to higher aspects of your self.
This vulnerability is a direct result of our heart space transforming and a re-alignment to our sacred home space opening. The knee jerk reaction to this vulnerability is to take a step back, to close off. However the opposite is required.
We need to forge forward more deeply within our vulnerability and let go, reaching further within this new space of being. There will be a moment when you will see and experience a new level of truth within your self. You will be revealed to your self within a light space and reach a place of a deeper understanding of your natural place within the universe.
I am finding within these expanded experiences there is a continual birthing of my own pure source element which move me into new realms of expression and understanding. I can liken it to a new life force expression birthing through me and simultaneously expressing outwards through the world. There is an unexpected expression of an element of love that fills me, a love that I have not experienced from within myself in this lifetime. It reaches out and at the same time touches me deeply within my human element.
I am deeply excited and joyful with the thought of moving out into the world and doing my work in 2015. With my joyful heart I send love out to all of you. Let’s through conscious choice open up to each other through these sacred connections.
Love and Blessings,

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