Friday, December 30, 2011

Christine Day at the Conscious Life Expo - February 10-12, 2012

Christine Day
I am very excited and happy to announce that I will be at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, February 10-12. 2012.  I'll be giving free readings at my booth, Booth 101, and I'll also be offering a workshop at 10AM on Sunday, February 12th.

You can learn more about my workshop here:

And you can learn more about The Conscious Life Expo here:

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mark your calendar for the Special 2012 series of Pleiadian Broadcasts

2012 is a pivotal year in the history of humankind. In order to prepare you for the energies that will be coming on to the planet between 12-12-12 and 12-21-12, Christine and the Pleiadians will be offering a special series of Pleiadian Broadcasts that will incorporate a number of very powerful and specific healing frequencies.

For this reason the Broadcast Schedule for 2012 will be somewhat different, so please make a note of the following broadcasts dates:

April 29th, May 27th, July 1st, July 29th, Oct 28th and November 25th.

If you are anywhere near Las Vegas on these dates, we invite you to join our live studio audience. If you cannot be present in person, see below for details of how to watch the show at home. 

Christine Day 
The Venue: La Quinta Inn and Suites, Paradise Road, Las Vegas.  The studio opens at 9:30 am on SUNDAY (Pleiadian Broadcast commences at 10:00am).

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Module 2 of The "Language of Light Initiations" Program coming soon!

Owing to the unique frequencies that are hitting the planet right now in the wake of 11-11-11, the Pleiadians advise that the launch of Module 2 of the Language of Light Initiations Program should not occur until after January 1st.

Language of Light Initiations
Each individual Module in this unique home study Program provided by the Pleiadians is designed to be studied over a period of four months. comprises a series of Light Initiations called LANGUAGE OF LIGHT.  Module 1 is available to new students, Module 2 will become available after January 1st to all students who have completed Module 1.

One of the advantages of this Course is that it is delivered Online, which means that you're not tied to a specific commencement date, and can simply register and start taking the Classes at any time. We're getting great feedback. So why not check it out and see whether it resonates with you!

To watch a short introductory video about the Language of Light Initiations Program and the Pleiadian Enlightenment Academy, CLICK HERE.

For more information and details of how to register for Module 1—Language of Light Initiations CLICK HERE.  

If you're interested in registering for Module 2, check the website for an announcement after Jan 1.

I do hope you will take the time to check it out and determine whether this brand new Program of Pleiadian teachings resonates with you.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Loving Message from the Pleiadians

Beloved Ones,

You are about to move into a new light frequency as the energetic flow of the year 2012 becomes manifest on your planet. This energetic flow opens up to you another level of the 11/11/11 energies as you willingly claim this next level of your frequency of light. You need to consciously open up to these new energies as the year 2012 anchors on your planet. As you consciously align you are enabled to turn a corner, opening to another dimensional aspect of your life force, and to these opportunities of awakening.

This alignment adjusts your focus/consciousness into another dimensional flow. It moves you from one state of being into another experience of being. It’s as though you are looking at a picture one way, and then suddenly see the picture very differentl. This brings you a completely different perspective of you and your world. There is an instantaneous shift within you, a divine re-connection that takes place as you open up to a natural connection for reunion and re-alignment.

Open up to the Spiritual realms, and to us for support as you move with this transition; our role is to assist you with these adjustments.


The Pleiadians

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pleiadian Tools for Self-Realization

Please join me every first and third Monday at 2:30PM-CDT for the latest episodes of my new show, Pleiadian Tools for Self-Realization, a presentation of the Awakening Zone Network.

Christine Day
As we move deeper into the transition that is taking place on planet Earth, the Pleiadians tell us that the time has now come for us to start mastering the energetic tools that will enable us to consciously complete our awakening and self-healing process in preparation for 2012 and beyond.

The new frequencies of light and sound that are now hitting the planet are awakening us to remembrance of and reconnection with our true Selves.

In this new twice-monthly show I will be presenting a new body of information and transmissions of sacred tones and codes specifically designed to act as energetic keys to unlock the information residing within the matrix of our cellular structure.

One of the key messages of the Pleiadians is that we must accept our humanity and imperfections in order to facilitate the process of our own self-birthing into the Universal Consciousness. By integrating these human aspects of our Self with our Higher Nature we will more easily navigate our way through this transition.

Each new show, on the first and third Mondays of every month, at 2:30PM-Central time (12:30PM-Pacific, 8:30PM-GMT), will provide you with new information, transmissions and energetic tools to help you integrate the energies that are coming in. 

To listen to the show on the first and third Mondays of each month at 2:30PM-CDT follow the link below:

You can even listen to past episodes from that page or download them to listen to later.

If you haven't already done so, go to to obtain a user id and password so you can login to the chat room, participate in the conversations, and be able to ask questions during the show.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Remembering to Breathe

Hold yourself in love and forgiveness. Breathe through the cells of your heart, allowing the innocence and the purity to come back into your heart as you honor yourself and every step of the journey that you have taken in this lifetime. It took courage to be here on this earth plane, courage to take every step, to experience every experience.

Honor every experience whether you are the victim or the perpetrator. Choose to hold every aspect of your experience with love and compassion. Breathe into your heart that has felt so deeply—deep joy, pain, grief, shame, guilt. Honor the struggle, the misunderstanding, the confusion and all of the other aspects of humanness you chose to come here and have. 

Breathe in through your heart all of the colorful aspects of your experience, all the glorious moments of feeling, allowing each cell to fully bloom in the light of the sun of the Self.  Let each cell be resurrected in the human experience. Breathe and let go as you anchor this energy into your place in the Universal Consciousness.  

And so it is.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

LIVE Pleiadian Transmission from Las Vegas

ON THE LAST SUNDAY OF EVERY SECOND month, Christine presents a free live one-and-a-half-hour awakening experience show that is broadcast over the Internet.  The show is filmed and broadcast live from a venue in Las Vegas.
Each show consists of a discussion of daily living skills with channelled information and light energies being transmitted throughout the program.
There are two individual energetic transmissions during the show. Both of these transmissions will assist in aligning you to opening up to new aspects of your own Light Self. This will help you to anchor this energy into the cells of your body, thereby activating a self healing process. There will also be an opportunity for the live audience to ask questions on the processes presented throughout the show.
The next LIVE Pleiadian Transmission will be broadcast from Las Vegas on Sunday, November 27th from 10:00-11:30AM-PDT. 
If you happen to be in Las Vegas when the show is being broadcast, you are welcome to join us as a member of our studio audience.  Or you can watch the show from your home anywhere in the world via your computer. To tune into this LIVE go to the homepage around 15 mins before the show ( and click the ON AIR button. Your Windows Media Player will automatically open and you may then enjoy the program.
Previous shows from 2009 and 2010 are still available for purchase as digital downloads from our Online Store.  A few of these shows are also available in DVD format and can be mailed to you on purchase.
SPECIAL NOTE:  As of 2011 all Pleiadian Broadcasts are now  free to view.  Previous years' broadcasts are still available for purchase as digital downloads from our Online Store.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What is the Self Healing Prophecy?

The Pleiadians speak of the “Self Healing Prophecy” and their role in anchoring the many dimensional layers of the Prophecy’s energies, which will be transmitted onto the Earth plane at different levels as we become ready to receive them. They say these energies are a gift for each individual, as they hasten our own self-realization process and help accelerate our awakening to the Truth of who we are and our place within the Universal Collective Consciousness.

The Self‐Healing Prophecy energy will activate a lifting of the veils that have been on this planet for lifetimes, enabling us to accelerate our spiritual awakening, and create a deeper connection to the higher aspects of our Self.  As this occurs we will begin to align with all life forces within the Universe and remember our place within the Oneness.

One of the main roles of the Self‐Healing Prophecy is to help end separation on this Earth plane.  In order to achieve this, we must first end the separation within ourselves. With this energy bringing our awareness back to a direct experience with Oneness, we can consciously live the experience of Oneness with all living things on this Earth plane. 

Each one of us is being asked to look within ourselves and acknowledge all of our personal self-judgments.  These judgments are separating factors that keep our hearts closed, preventing us from being able to receive and flourish.  They cause emotional and physical pain inside of us. Now we must breathe and let go, hold ourselves in love and compassion for the life we have lived up to this point, and know we have done the best we were capable of in each moment.  We came here to experience everything, and mistakes are an important part of these experiences.

The energies of the Self Healing Prophecy will enable us to begin to understand the learning experiences we received in living ‘our story’ and to accept that it is time to let go of them.  Everyone has painful experiences, but self-judgment gets in the way of the self-loving principal.
As we judge ourselves, we automatically judge others, which closes down the loving principle. We build walls that close us off from others and from love itself.  Now it is time to break down those barriers so we can receive the energies of the Self Healing Prophecy, and in so doing receive the gift of love they bring.

The first step is to celebrate ourselves for the life we have lived up to this point; to turn towards ourselves with love, to hold our hearts and breathe this love in.  When we can accept that we have done the best we could with what we had  to work with and celebrate all of our experiences we will move out of separation from our true selves and into alignment within our heart. As we open to this truth we are filled with love and we can begin to work from our Sacred heart, transmitting love and creating true connections to others.

These heart connections are important to the awakening of all human beings, and for the soul connections and soul groups that will be coming together. The Prophecy energy helps us become more deeply aligned with Spiritual energies, so we can work with Spirit to realign ourselves to the energetic blueprint that we created for ourselves before we came to this planet.

As we begin to work with this Self-healing Prophecy energy, the Pleiadians will work with us as we navigate this journey completely honoring our individual process as it unfolds.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mantra interview, Argentina, 2008 English/Spanish - Conclusion

These transmissions are only given to a public audience as we do it in Paseo de la Plaza.  As I listen to you and see your emotion, I was thinking of the people who for different reasons could not make it to see Christine, to receive this transmission, to go through this healing experience, what are the possibilities that Christine  - if you feel this feasible, from here, from this place, from the radio, from Internet, because in some way this will be broadcasted everywhere—could  make part of this healing available to all the people listening to you.

That is one of the reasons why the book is coming out, because at the end of each chapter, there will be 12 chapters,  there is a CD, a channeld CD at the end of every chapter, so the energy will be held not only in the words but also in the CD´s themselves so people will be able to move on a very expanded transformational journey through the words and through the CD´s so that is one way that is going happen, that is a way the pleiadians are asking this to happen,  so that it going ahead.

And I have been told by the Pleiadians that people just have to pick up the book to be apt to receive the transmitting energies because they are going to transmit out from every book that is out there, so it will be an interesting process, and the anchoring of those energetic grids also automatically goes out to everybody that is in the country, actually, it is like a ripple effect it is like a stone thrown into  a pond and the ripples go out into the whole community allowing for transformation. 

Christine Day
Estas transmisiones Christine sólo las realiza ante un público como lo hacemos en el Paseo de la Plaza, por un lado, y por el otro lado mientras la escucho y veo su emoción, pensaba en las personas que por distintas razones no pudieran llegar a verla a Christine, a recibir esta transmisión, a pasar por esta experiencia de sanación, qué posibilidades hay de que Christine, por supuesto en el tiempo que ella sienta que esto es factible, que desde aquí, desde este lugar, desde la radio, desde Internet, porque de algún modo todo esto va a salir irradiado hacia todos lados, pudiera hacer llegar parte de esa sanación a todos los que nos escuchan.  

Esta es una de las razones por las cuales el libro está publicándose, porque al final de cada capítulo, tendrá 12 capítulos, hay un CD, un CD canalizado al final de cada capítulo, de modo que la energía no sólo estará contenida en las palabras pero también en los CD´s en sí, y la gente podrá entrar en un viaje transformador muy expandido a través de las palabras y a través del CD;  esta es una forma en la que ocurrirá, es una manera en que los pleyadianos están pidiendo que esto suceda, y está avanzando.

Y los pleyadianos me han dicho que las personas sólo necesitan tomar el libro para poder estar listas y recibir las energía transmitidas, ya que ellos van a transmitir de cada libro que esté circulando;  será un proceso interesante, y el anclaje de esas grillas energéticas también se hará automáticamente en todos los que estén en el país, realmente, es como un efecto ondulatorio, como una piedra que se arroja a un estanque generando ondas que se expanden a toda la comunidad permitiendo la transformación.

Would you like to close this interview with some part of the transmission, with something different to words that you want to send to the public? Feel free to do it if you want to.

Well there is a lot of energy here so let´s bring a bit of that out because it obviously needs to be here.

So what I would like to say is everyone just to take a breath, and the breath is key, the breath  is what allows you to come back into your own body and into your own cells and claim yourself and your alignment.  So it is through the breath that you need to acknowledge these cells and your alignment to yourself through these cells.

30:29    Ekoshata…And you are being asked just to open up to the sound and allow yourself to receive it through the cells because the sound will allow yourself to align with the light of yourself

Just take in a breath and allow yourself to open just into this moment of time with those cells of yourselves

Just take in another breath…
opening up to that love…
just take in another breath…


Just opening up to allow yourself to receive…
just taking a breath and receiving,
allowing the energy of the healing in,
just in this moment of time,
claiming you here with your breath

So be it.

How intense, thank you, thank you very much.

Thank you.

Le gustaría cerrar esta nota con alguna parte de la transmisión con algo que  sienta que sea diferente a palabras y que quiera hacer llegar al público, o sea, tome la libertad de hacerlo, si lo desea. 

Bueno, hay mucha energía aquí, así que expresémosla porque obviamente necesita estar aquí.

Entonces, lo que deseo decirles a todos que tan solo tomen una respiración, y la respiración es clave, la respiración es lo que nos permite volver a nuestro propio cuerpo y dentro de nuestras propias célular y reclamarnos a nosotros mismos y a nuestro alineamiento.   De modo que es a través de la respiración que necesitás reconocer estas célular y tu alineamiento a vos mismo a través de estas células.

Ekoshata…  Y se te pide tan sólo que te abras al sonido y te permitas recibirlo a través de las células porque el sonido te permitirá alinearte con la luz de tu ser.

Sólo tomá una respiración y permitíte abrirte en este momento de tiempo y abrir esas células tuyas...

Toma otra respiración…
Abriéndote a ese amor…
Tomá otra respiración


Sólo abriéndote para permitirte recibir…
Tomando otra respiración y recibiendo,
Permitiendo que la energía de la sanación entre,
Justo en este momento en el tiempo,
Reclamándote a vos mismo con tu respiración

Que Así Sea.

Well, this is somehow a healing contact that Christine is bringing to us through these tones and these sounds, is it so? 

Yes, it is really important because it by-passes the ego mind and what it does is it allows the healing to go right through the cells with letting the mind interfere or shut it off.

And the language itself speaks directly to the light of the soul and starts to activate and quicken through the cells of the body

13.Bueno, esto es una de alguna manera un contacto sanador que Christine nos trae a través de estos tonos y de estos sonidos, no es así?

Sí, es realmente importante porque by-pasea la mente del ego y lo que hace es permitir que la sanación atraviese las células sin dejar que la mente interfiera o la bloquee.
Y el lenguaje en sí habla directamente a la luz del alma y comienza a activarse y acelerarse a través de las células del cuerpo.

Are there any words that Christine would like to add to this closing.

Just that it a very important time right now for each person here on this planet is an important time.  We don´t have a lot of time to waste.  We´ve come here to know ourselves, to move past all the human ego traits that we hold as human beings and to know ourselves.  Time for the struggle and tiredness has to be over now, and so, it is just that, it´s time, it´s time to just breath and to be, and to allow ourselves to shine, and to receive everything that is natural abundance, is our divine right to have this natural abundance, life does not have to be so hard, we need to move into the gloriousness of our freedom, there is no one human being on this earth plane that cannot have that, and it is now.

Christine, thank you for the possibility of allowing this healing through your voice to all the people who are listening now.
It is a great honor to be here.

The same for me, to have you here. Thank you.

14.Hay algunas palabras que Christine quisiera agregar para este cierre.  36:00
Tan solo que ahora es un momento muy importante, para cada persona aquí en este planeta es un momento importante.  No tenemos mucho tiempo que perder.  Hemos venido aquí a conocernos a nosotros mismos, a atravesar todos los rasgos del ego humano que contenemos como seres humanos y a conocernos a nosotros mismos.  El tiempo de la lucha y el cansancio debe terminar ahora, y entonces, es tan sólo el momento, es el momento de respirar y de ser, y de permitirnos a nosotros mismos brillar, y recibir todo lo que sea abundancia natural, es nuestro derecho divino tener esta abundancia, la vira no tiene que tan dura, necesitamos avanzar hacia la gloria de nuestra propia libertad, no hay un solo ser humano en este plano terrestre que no pueda tener esto, y es ahora.

15.Christine,  gracias por la posibilidad de permitir llegar esta sanación a través de su voz a toda la gente que nos escucha.

Es un gran honor estar aquí.

Para mí también que esté aquí.  Gracias.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Important Information From the Pleiadians About Preparing for the 11/11/11


The Pleiadians were showing me this morning the energy of 11-11-11 that is coming soon. They gave me a picture and some information that I want to share with you.

It’s as if all of us are in this huge wide river, maybe one mile wide with a strong, smooth current. We are all in this current, there is no moving away from this current, there is no climbing out of this river. We’re in this current that is being led to this huge whirlpool of light and we will reach the whirlpool of light on 11-11-11.

We are all lining up energetically, through our cells, as we are being taken through this current. It is almost like what they call a slipstream and we move in that slipstream together, moving closer and closer to this whirlpool and towards what they call our destiny at this time.

Each one of you is being asked to align to your place within this river, within this flow. Each one of you in your own way needs to find the energetic connection of where you are in this stream and consciously open up to being in this flow heading towards the whirl pool.

The conscious connection in this is very important. It’s about conscious participation in feeling the alignment, being fully aware of how you are being aligned and drawn into the new dimensional energy that is birthing on our planet on 11-11-11, recognizing that we are all a part of this.

It is up to each one of you—it’s your responsibility, your choice how aligned you choose to be as you link up to your place. It’s your responsibility to acknowledge what is taking place within you energetically. The more conscious and aligned you choose to be, the more consciously you’ll play your role in this energetic transformation and new dawning energy.

You can even bring your consciousness forward (because there is no time) to the whirlpool of light that we are heading into. We are going into this shift at one minute past midnight on 11-11-11. It is at this time that we move into the whirlpool.

Because there is no time in reality you can locate yourself within the slipstream and then you can locate and align to that energy that you are moving towards.

Open to the essence, the outside essence of the whirlpool that is available, as this will assist you in being able to utilize all the multidimensional energies of light that will be available to us on 11-11-11.

I hold the space for each one of you to locate you self energetically and to consciously participate in your journey between now and 11-11-11.


The whirlpool of light is the visual I have shared but it is in fact a dimensional doorway that we are going to be moved into. In the way a whirlpool would bring you into its center and hold you there this whirlpool creates a new birthing of consciousness.

You have an opportunity, with the veils lifting, to move into a new way of being with yourself, a new alignment to your own essence of Spirit. At the same time you’ll bring the essence of your unique divine self to a collective consciousness experience. This will activate a remembering, a reunion and realignment to the God consciousness, which we are all a part of. So it is the multidimensional movement and actions through the whirlpool that will move you where you can be held within that collective energy, opening up new doorways of experience.


Within the whirlpool there are unique frequencies that are being transmitted out to each one of you. You’ll receive your own unique frequency. And this unique frequency that is being sent out through the whirlpool is to bring you into the flow and align you into the whirlpool of light.

Whether you are aware of it or not there is a part of you that is hearing the call and aligning yourself to through flow towards this frequency of sound. You are being asked allow yourself to open up consciously to the energy of this frequency of the sound however it appears. Each frequency of sound is a creation of a pattern of energetic forms, so it may be that you’ll experience the pattern of the frequency of the sound rather than the sound itself, that’s okay. But you are being asked to bring your consciousness into the flow and to align to the pattern or frequency of the sound. It’s supportive for you to consciously align because it brings you into another level of participation, of meeting yourself here.

Recognizing your pattern or frequency of sound before 11-11-11 will allow you to much more easily flow into your unique pathway within the whirlpool energy on that day. Understand that the whirlpool contains the unique pathways of light for each one of  you to align to, link into and move with on that day. Your pathway of light holds your unique frequency or the pattern that you can align to and recognize ahead of time.

Everyone has their own unique frequency, which they respond to whether they are conscious of it in the 3rd dimensional world or not.  The energetic aspect of yourself recognizes it and responds to it. You’ll respond to the sound and try to align to it, or you may experience the pattern or frequency of your sound, and that’s okay too. You are already aligned to it energetically but you are asked to do this consciously, as well.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mantra interview, Argentina, 2008 English/Spanish - Part 3

Now, this energy that is being anchored according to what Christine is telling us in all humanity, for this is the purpose, what do you notice in every place that you anchor this energy, is it the same experience, are the places that need more of this energy, how do people receive it?

I think that there is a different energy anchored in each place because I think there are energetic gridlines being set up through the planet before this healing process that we are in the middle of, so I think that the energies are definitely more of different, I think each place needs a different type of energy to assist in the different levels and conciousness of the people and the state of the energy of each site that is being transmitted through to.

So I am very conscious of the different energies that are coming through at different times, I see that there is an acceleration of a quality of light, a new energy of light that is being anchored in the transmissions that have come in in the last six months, and I feel we are ready for that and that there is another huge expansion of that quality of that light  that we are now getting ready to receive that is coming in on 2009.

Ahora, esta energía que se está anclando por lo que Christine nos dice, en toda la humanidad que ese es el propósito, no es así,  ¿qué va notando con esta migración que ella va haciendo en cada lugar en que va anclando esta energía, si es la misma experiencia, si hay lugares en que están más necesitados, cómo lo recibe la gente?  
Creo que hay una energía diferente anclada en cada lugar porque pienso que hay grillas energéticas colocadas a través del planeta antes de este proceso de sanación en el cual estamos, de modo que pienso que las energía son definitivamente diferentes; pienso que cada lugar necesita un tipo diferente de energía para ayudar en los diferentes niveles y conciencias de las personas y del estado de la energía de cada lugar en el cual se transmite.

Entonces, soy muy conciente de las diferentes energías que vienen en distintos momentos.  Veo que hay un aceleramiento de la cualidad de la luz, una nueva energía de luz, que se está anclando en las transmisiones que se vienen haciendo en los últimos 6 meses, y siento que estamos listos para esto y que existe otra enorme expansión de esa cualidad de esa luz que nos estamos preparando para recibir y que viene en el 2009.

How does Christine live this energetic feedback, because the same way you transmit this pleiadian energy, in some way it returns to you, or this is at least what I imagine, how is it?

Yes, it´s true.  I am fully expanded by the light tremendous amount of the time. Nine and a half months of the year we are travelling doing this work and I am being re-formed, and re-generated, it feels that my whole system is being realigned electrically, and I am being rebirth again and again and again, and in that rebirth is a simplicity and a joy, I liken it to coming from a mountain to becoming a plain, and in that becoming the plane instead of the mountain there is a new truth and beauty that is revealed to me and a simplicity an allowance within my spirit to be able to become more and more and in someway is less and less, but in that being less I become even more simple in the energy of the truth so it is a great resurrection that is taking place within me as we are doing this work and aligning with this incredible truth and beauty of Spirit.

¿Cómo vive Christine este retorno energético, porque así como ella transmite esta energía pleyadiana,  de alguna manera hay un retorno hacia ella, o por lo menos es lo que yo me imagino, no? 
Sí, es verdad.    Soy completamente expandida por la luz gran parte del tiempo.  Estamos viajando nueve meses y medio del año haciendo este trabajo y estoy siendo reformada y regenerada, siento como que todo mi sistema está siendo realineado eléctricamente, y estoy renaciendo una y otra vez, una y otra vez, y en ese renacimiento existe una simpleza y una alegría;  se asemeja a pasar de ser una montaña a ser una llanura, y al transformarme en la llanura en lugar de la montaña existe una nueva verdad y belleza que se me revela, y una simplicidad y un permitirme dentro de mi espíritu poder ser más y más, y de algún modo, ser menos y menos, pero en ese ser menos me hago aun más simple en la energía de la verdad de modo que es una gran resurrección que ocurre dentro de mí a medida que hacemos este trabajo y nos alineamos con esta increíble verdad y belleza del espíritu.

I was thinking in how do Pleiadians see us in this opportunity, in this moment f history, if there is a message you can leave for us.

You know, the Pleiadians regard us with such love and compassion and think of us as corageous in our work here on this earth plane, that we have all agreed to come here at this time, to be here to take part, to play our own part here during this transformation.

And a message that comes through most clearly that they want us to remember that we are divinely unique and that each one of us holds an important place in this universe.

They are really asking each person if they would just step forth and allow themselves just to be, to open up to each moment in time and just to be in that moment and allow the energy of themselves to come through and transmit out into this earth plane, and each person in their divine uniqueness is no more or less than anybody else,  we are all magnificent, and if they could only allow themselves to just be quietly in the moment, that is when they reach inside and experience the fullness of themselves, just stop the struggle and the trying and know that they are as they need to be in this very moment just as they are, and then the miracles truly takes place when they make themselves just quiet in that moment, and in each moment there is an unlimited, unlimited number of miracles waiting for each person to receive, and each person really needs to understand and know that they are being held and loved at every moment and they are never alone, they do not have to do this alone, and there is absolutely nothing they have to worry about, nothing to struggle for, and nothing to fear.

Estaba pensando en cómo nos ven los Pleyadianos en esta oportunidad, en este momento de la historia, si hay un mensaje que ella nos pueda dejar.

Sabés, los pleyadianos nos consideran con tanto amor y compasión y opinan que somos valientes en nuestro trabajo aquí en este plano terrestre al que todos hemos acordado en venir en esta época, para estar aquí y tomar parte, para jugar nuestro propio papel aquí durante esta transformación.

Y un mensaje que viene muy claro es que quieren que recordemos que somos divinamente únicos y que cada uno de nosotros tiene un lugar importante en este universo.

Le piden realmente a cada persona que si sólo dieran un paso adelante y se permitieran ser, abrirse a cada momento en el tiempo y tan solo ser en ese momento y permitir que su propia energía salga y se transmita a esta plano terrestre, y cada persona en su cualidad única divida no en más ni menos que nadie, todos somos magníficos, y si sólo pudieran permitirse a sí mismos sólo estar silenciosamente en el momento, es entonces cuando pueden alcanzar su interior y experimentar la plenitud de sí mismos, sólo detener la lucha y el intento y saber que son tal como necesitan ser en este preciso momento tal como son, y entonces los milagros ocurren verdaderamente cuando se aquietan a sí mismos en ese momento, y en cada instante existe un ilimitado, ilimitado número de milagros esperando para ser recibidor por cada persona, y cada persona realmente necesita comprender y saber que están siendo sostenidos y amados a cada momento y que nunca están solos; no necesitan hacer esto solos, y no hay nada absolutamente de lo que tengan que preocuparse, nada por que luchar, nada que temer.

Do you know why you were asigned this task?

Haa.  No really except that I know that I said yes to it, I have been taken back to the moment in time when I agreed to take on this mission, and this is my mission in this lifetime, and it is with a great privilege and honor and humbleness that I continue on this journey bringing this work through, I am committed to it.

I do have a pleiadian aspect to me so I live a pleiadian existence and at the same time I am here having my own human experience, and it is a really great privilege to be here having this human experience and assisting the pleiadians to understand the human aspects so they can work more and more easily and in alignment with the human beings on this earth plane to assist them in this transition.

¿Sabe porqué le tocó a ella hacer esta tarea?

Haa...  No realmente excepto que sé que dije sí;  he sido llevada al momento en el tiempo cuando acordé en tomar esta misión, y esta es mi misión en esta vida, y es con un gran privilegio, honor y humildad que continúo en este viaje llevando este trabajo.  Estoy comprometida con esto.

Tengo un aspecto pleyadiano en mí y entonces vivo una existencia pleyadiana y a la vez estoy aquí teniendo mi propia experiencia humana, y es realmente un gran privilegio está teniendo esta experiencia humana y asistiendo a los pleyadianos a comprender los aspectos humanos para que puedan trabajar más y más fácilmente en alineamiento con los seres humanos en este plano terrestre para asistirlos en esta transición.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mantra interview, Argentina, 2008 English/Spanish - Part 2

This energy that since some years is being installed in Argentina, and that is increasing in level, besides contacting or connecting with love, with the heart, could it also be modifying other aspects in people?

Absolutely, it is coming in to balance out the pain and the struggle and the tiredness that people have been carrying for lifetimes.

What I have really been shown is that it is going to affect the individual cells of the body and this is going to accelerate a healing process through the cells opening up an awareness, an intuition and an alignment with the light of the self, so it can really work through communities.

My feeling is that we are going to see an acceleration in people´s ability to open up and a another wave, a new wave of enlightening coming through, and is has to come in stages because we can´t take in all the energy at once, so it comes in drops, first a small drop, and then more and more, and we are entering a new phase of accerelation so the anchoring of the energy is going to be much more this time, and even in 2009 is going to be a whole new level.

Esta energía que desde hace ya varios años se viene como instalando en Argentina, y que viene subiendo su graduación, además de contactar o de conectar con lo que sería el amor, el corazón de las personas, ¿podría estar modificando otros aspectos?   

Completamente.   Está llegando para equilibrar el dolor, la lucha y el cansancio que la gente ha estado llevando durante vidas.

Lo que realmente se me ha mostrado es que va a afectar las células individuales del cuerpo y esto va a acelerar el proceso de sanación a través de las células abriendo un conciencia, una intuición y un alineamiento con la luz del ser, de modo que realmente puede trabajar a través de las comunidades.
Mi sensación es que vamos a ver una aceleración en la habilidad de las personas para abrirse y otra ola, una nueva ola de iluminación atravesándonos, y esto tiene que ser por etapas porque no podemos incorporar toda esa energía de una vez, de modo que viene en gotas, primero una gota pequeña, y luego más y más, y estamos ingresando en una nueva fase de aceleración de modo que el anclaje de la energía va a ser mucho mayor esta vez, e incluso en el 2009 será un nivel completamente nuevo.

What is the relationship between the frequencies of brilliance and the transmission that Christine does at the Paseo de la Plaza with us?
There is a very strong connection to that.  There is no separation, let´s face it, and the energy that comes through in the transmissions holds many of the frequencies of frequencies of brilliance, you cannot separate them at all,  it is an opportunity for people come in a different setting and receive a level of healing that they may in a series of sessions because it contains the frequency of healing and through the sound and the energy that is transmitted out at that time, it is like a session, and it can come right through the room bringing tremendous healing potential.

But really what is been asked of the people who come is more of an active participation and an awareness and a willingness to bring themselves there, and to open up actively to receive because there really is an unlimited potential within every transmission for each person and it is very unique.

So people should not be coming to the transmissions coming in to take a passive role, they need to be coming actively and willingly opening up, taking the responsibility for each moment during the transmission, to allow themselves to fully be there and fully receive.

And I see the transmissions is a destiny call, a destiny call for people come in and continue the journey they are on, or begin their journey they are on, but it is a call that they should be coming to and arriving in a very active way in the whole process.

And the Pleiadians are saying, you know,  during the transmission they are there, the Spirit comes in,  and  they really say the energy is there and it is for each individual to claim themselves in that moment, and it is through their breath, it is a simple thing,  but they have to say yes and receive it with the breath, that is their divine right, to receive it.

¿Cuál es la relación entre las frecuencias de brillo y la transmisión que Christine hace en el Paseo de la Plaza con nosotros?   

Hay una conexión muy fuerte.  No hay separación, afrontémoslo, y la energía que ingresa de las transmisiones contiene muchas de las frecuencias de las frecuencias de brillo, no se las puede separar.  Es una oportunidad para que la gente venga a un espacio diferente y reciba un nivel de sanación que podría obtener en una serie de sesiones, porque contiene la frecuencia de sanación y a través del sonido y la energía que se transmite en ese momento, es como una sesión, y puede atravesar el salón trayendo un enorme potencial de sanación.

Pero lo que realmente se espera de las personas que vienen es una participación activa y una conciencia y una voluntad de llevarse a sí mismos allí, y de abrirse activamente para recibir, porque realmente hay un potencial ilimitado en cada transmisión para cada persona, y es muy única.

Por eso la gente no debería venir a las transmisiones para jugar un papel pasivo; necesitan venir activamente y dispuestos a abrirse, tomando la responsabilidad por cada momento durante la transmisión, permitiéndose estar plenamente allí y plenamente  recibir.

Y yo veo que las transmisiones son un llamado del destino; un llamado del destino para que la gente venga y continúe el viaje que está haciendo o comience su viaje, pero es un llamado a que deben venir y llegar de un modo activo durante todo el proceso.

Y los pleyadianos dicen, sabés, que durante la transmisión ellos están allí, el espíritu viene, y realmente dicen que la energía está allí y está para que cada persona se reivindique en ese momento, y es a través de su respiración, es algo simple, pero ellos tienen que decir ¨sí¨ y recibirlo con la respiración, porque es su derecho divino recibirlo.

This transmission that is given here in Argentina, is it also done in other parts of the world, is it so?

Absolutely, the transmissions go through Europe, United States, here, and Brazil.  We have done them of course many in Israel, but I no longer go to Israel only because the centre now is in Brussels for Israel, but I have transmitted through all those countries and anchored the energy in all those sites.

Esta transmisión que se da acá en Argentina, ¿también se da en otras partes del mundo, es así?   

Así es.  Las transmisiones se hacen en Europa, Estados Unidos, aquí y en Brasil.    Hemos hecho muchas por supuesto en Israel, pero ya no voy a Israel sólo porque el centro para Israel está ahora en Bruselas, pero he transmitido en todos esos países y anclado la energía en esos lugares.