Friday, April 17, 2015

Messages from Christine Day and the Pleiadians

Christine Day
Hi Everyone, 

I do hope you are doing well at this very intense time on our planet. The Pleiadians keep saying to me this is the time we need to consciously choose our experience, to choose what our experience will be in each moment.

We consistently get to choose either the 3rd dimensional drama or to move out of the illusion and connect through our heart space to a greater space of Truth. This choice releases us from our limited perceptions or assessment of the ego. I know we have heard this time and time again, however, the Pleiadians are saying this is our next step.

Part of our challenge is adjusting to the illumination energies coming onto the planet that are creating feelings of confusion and vulnerability for our human aspect. At the same time, we have these multi-dimensional currents that are flowing onto our planet creating a further disorientation within as we are being moved into a recalibration of our electrical systems. This process of transformation is creating a lot of added challenges as there continues to be a building of intensity within our 3rd dimensional lives.

A call is going out for us to keep letting go no matter what, and to open into our heart connection. Each time you choose this, you take another step in breaking down the 3rd dimensional weaving that has held you in place for lifetimes. As your weaving, that you created, begins to loosen you set yourself free on another dimensional level.

I send love to you all and hold a space for each one of us to energetically support our selves within this process.

Blessings and Love, 


Message from the Pleiadians:

Beloved ones we great you,

Within your earth plane at this present moment exists the opening of a sacred opportunity for each one of you to receive. Through conscious choice you can align to an energetic pathway that will move you into a deeper connection to the higher realms. You will be given access to this energetic pathway in the 1st week of April. Look for a flow that will begin to birth within your heart center.

You do this by:

Sitting quietly and align to your heart by bringing your awareness into your heart. You can place your physical palm on your heart space. Then place your breath, like a soft wind into the space where your hand is being held.

Wait until you begin to perceive a frequency, a movement opening up through your heart space.

Then use the sound INDAH EE placing your sound into this movement or energy that you are experiencing.

As you make the sound, bring your awareness into the ripple of energy this sound creates and just breathe and let go with the ripples.

As you let go, you will be moved within this energetic pathway that is within your heart space and be aligned to this higher realm pathway.

Continue to use the sound as you feel and each time, let go. As you move with the ripples created by your sound, you are moved deeper into your higher realm connections.

As you work within these higher realm connections we can support you. Give us permission to support you in integrating the frequencies of light that you will be accessing and anchoring through your systems during this process of transformation.

We witness you.


The Pleiadians

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