Friday, January 30, 2015

Message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones we great you

The illumination waves enter your planet. They herald in the changing times through the acceleration of a multi-dimensional light consciousness. Through this light emerges a quickening of a light flow, creating change. These waves, this flow will build in momentum throughout January.

It is as though this light flow creates changing patterns of consciousness throughout your planet, altering conscious thought patterns within you that have been held in place for lifetimes.

Movement is the key word right now. Movement will be created in every form on your earth plane. Movement within you, movement outside of your self. Your only stable place is within your own heart/home space at this time.

Know as you progress through January you will need to develop further your natural alliance with your heart/home space. The illumination waves are designed to push you, moving you back into where you naturally belong. It is the time for this change, it is your time for your dimensional reconnection.

We have given you powerful keys for connection to the light waves. We have given you keys to working within your home space. Now is the time to move forward into another perspective of reality, of truth.

You will not be able to hold on to old ways, old patterns any more. They cannot sustain within this light flow, and this light flow will be reaching every space held within your planet. This is the grand design, the next step in this time of renewal on your planet.
We are with you. We can support you energetically however we cannot take these next steps for you. Remember you said yes to being here at this time. We remind you of your own magnificence.

Let go, call in your support alliances while you take this next step forward, and say YES once more!


The Pleiadians

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