Friday, October 25, 2013

A Message from Christine Day and the Pleiadians

The Pleiadians were with me this morning and shared we have this huge transformation, this turning point on the 29th of October to being in five days time.  The Pleiadians are saying that there has been a veil lifting now today on the earth plane since midnight preparing energetically the earth plane to receive these incredible huge waves of light that will be starting on the 29th of October.

There is a special essence of light here today that will support us tremendously. There are no accidents that we are here at this time in the middle of this huge change that will support each one of us in our awakening in whatever level that takes for each one of us.

Each one of you choosing to receive this message and to be here at this time is really the divine economy that is held within the Universe itself. Here we all are at this time with this sacred light birthing on the planet today to prepare the energy of the earth to receive these waves that are coming in five days time.

I want to honor that for us, receive that, each one of us receiving that truth for ourselves to what is opening for us today.

It is part of destiny, the destiny call that each one of you has answered for yourselves, at this time, to be here now.  I hold that space close for all of us and honor us, my self and each one of us here who said ‘yes’ to being here at this time.

Love and blessings,


Friday, October 18, 2013

A Loving Message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones,

We greet you at this powerful and empowering time on your earth plane. We bring news of dimensional shifts and transformational times coming, beginning in the last few days of October. These are designed to open you to a new energetic flow of light consciousness that is coming onto your planet. 

There are to be a series of powerful energetic shifts moving through the anchored grids on your planet, these are going to create upheaval and change. Be prepared to align consciously to your heart center, you need to be committed to this action within your self, in order to stay balanced and to have the capacity to flow during this transitional time.

Flow and breathe, flow and breathe. You will not be able to understand much of what is going on during this time frame, you need to be prepared to let go and trust on a new level.

Your stability will only be possible through your heart center during this time. This is your central place of anchoring. An anchor needs to be established through your heart in readiness for this time. It is going to be necessary for you to birth a structure within your heart center to maintain your stability at this time of upheaval. We will be working with you in the October 27th broadcast to assist you with the creation of this structure.

We hold you.  You need to reach out for the support that is waiting for you to call them forward. It is the time now during this transition to utilize this support that is available to you.

The Pleiadians

Friday, October 4, 2013

October Message from Christine Day

Hi Everyone,

Well this time is not dull, I can say that! The process of beginning to lay the first energetic light waves of the Portal on our land has been set in motion. There is an expansion of light energy rays activated throughout the property, and these series of light rays are interconnecting with the Lemurian Portal that is directly opposite our house about one mile out into Lake Superior.

I feel excited and at the same time am dealing with this recalibration within my cells that is taking place as I am being aligned as a part of this sacred dynamic. It is indeed powerful and unsettling at the same time as we are readjusted into this new multi-dimensional setting within our bodies and aligning to this new flow on our land. There seems to be no specific boundaries between our physical bodies and the birthing energies of the Portal.

I do know that as we lay each level of the waves of the Portal we will go through many dimensional transformational states. This of course makes sense if we are going to be able to travel off planet and bring the channeled energies through to you all.

So it seems we are on track, time wise, to be able to bring the Galactic Series through a series of live tele-seminars to you by February. I am thinking that we will have dates set,
and you can begin to sign up for this series by late December.

I am continuing to let go and have been given some wonderful information on what we are to do here on our land. It certainly helps to be given a perspective and time line for these amazing projects that are our next step. I am filled with wonder and gratitude for all that is opening up for me at this time.

I have certainly turned a corner, understanding fully what is before me in this moment, and of course having no idea of what is coming. However I do not need to know, I trust and take my next step.

I send love and blessings to you all. See you at the October 27th video broadcast on our web site at 10AM-PDT. This is not to be missed!

Love and blessings,