Friday, August 30, 2013

A message from Christine and the Pleiadians

As we come to terms with our humanness, our imperfection and just hold that element of ourselves with love… the separation inside ends. With that ending of separation inside we are no longer separate from our sacred selves… it is a natural progression of connection to Self after that. This has been the biggest stumbling block for humans for lifetimes, but now we’re being given the understanding of it which makes it a very simple process really.

An understanding of why we cannot be perfect and we were never meant to and never are meant to have perfection and that allows each one of us to really change our path.

That is where the struggle has always been really in trying to get it right, do it right, to overcome the shame, the guilt and the struggle and then for lifetimes we’ve been given the message in order to be enlightened we have to be perfect which has just compounded the whole illusion here for us.

All that judgment and all the self-separation has been placed on everyone else. We judge them, we stay separate from everyone else around us so it perpetuates that separation and pushes away from the truth of all of us being interconnected.

It is a very powerful and empowering time for each one of us. Now it is up to us to slowly take our steps forward and to meet ourselves here. Not striving for something that is not possible.

That self-acceptance is such a liberation. I know the ego mind can swing back, that is what it does and start this whole verbal dialogue about ourselves. But we can put a stop to that and say, “No wait, that is not true, that is simply not a truth.” It is so important to be given this understanding and we have been given so much. Know that when we go into that magnified energy on August 12th it magnifies our potential to overcome and move past ourselves, our ego selves and align even more completely to that truth.

We have a window of three weeks where we get to choose consciously. The more we align with the heart and seek out the heart for information, understanding and direction the more powerful or empowered we become because during those three weeks that is our time when the veils are lifted and we get the opportunity to align to our heart connection like never before and that is accumulative in those three weeks. So we move out of those three weeks with a whole new level of alignment to the heart as our guide, for our decisions, for understanding… that is where all the truth lies.

We can achieve a tremendous amount in those three weeks. We can move out of those three weeks with a tremendous amount of connection or reconnection to ourselves through the heart. Knowing you are not going to do it perfectly, but that isn’t what is required here. It’s the moments that count, the moments of aligning to self, the moments of being able to hold ourselves with love and compassion for moving through something or having a deep experience of struggle or pain as a human being, of love and compassion and patience for that human aspect. That is enough.

It is the time for reaching forward to yourself - the higher self and the human self. And the big role is creating the bridge between the human self and the divine aspect, the higher self. Because the when the bridge is created between those two elements then you can accelerate even faster. You are aiming at creating a change in your relationship with your human self. That is the key piece and the rest is natural, and natural realignments.

Is it possible we are already going through it?

Of course. It’s already beginning and is available. It will come into another level on August 12th. Remember it’s been heralded in by things being diminished, or seemingly being diminished in your life, that things are being pulled away, or you are being brought down in a certain place where your ego mind would perceive it as something terrible, something taken away. Questioning yourself, questioning your worth, your value through events that are in front of you in your life. You say that, “well this means this and that means that”…and it doesn’t at all.

The Principles for Living are creating tremendous waves and opportunities for each one of us to come into this awakened state. It is linking us into a truth and a clarity, a way of being and a way of conduct for ourselves, our own personal selves. It can only be about us and who we are and how we live and what we do and how we do it. As we receive the Principles for Living then we begin to embody that energy, that essence of love that the rest of the universe operates within. We are being reconnected.

You don’t have to know and your ego mind certainly doesn’t but your heart does. That is the thing, we can’t know and we don’t know. It is getting to a place where you have the acceptance of not knowing, understanding you are in the hands of the divine element and you are being moved and that is enough. Nothing has to make sense to the ego mind. Life doesn’t make sense so much anymore, it just is and we are just being, having a series of experiences.

I have no idea at all of what I am doing anymore or who I am. That is a powerful place to be because it means everything is unfolding as it should. And that is enough. But the ego mind, if you allow it can go into a turmoil around that specifically.

For me this is everything. When I know I can work with something and move with it and it’s about me and up to me and about nobody else then I think it’s a very wonderful piece and gift and the timing is impeccable as far as the universe bringing this energy to us and this opportunity to us.

The Pleiadians are saying to me that the Universal community and Galactic Counsel are the ones that agreed on the timing and that we are ready for this element of energy to come onto the planet now. And that is for the awakened people, the people who are consciously awake and that is who they are working with right now very specifically because we are to hold a very strong “pattern of light” for the planet in the coming times.

The pattern of light is birthed through our cells of our body and our energetic field. It is held naturally and there are enough of us to hold this patterning and help really align other individuals to their own consciousness not that we do it but they are aligned through what we carry on the earth plane. It feels very powerful for all of us.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Message from the Pleiadians on August 19th

Beloved ones we greet you,  

Through this new energy that is being transmitted through your earth plane at this time you are being given a sacred opportunity to align to the most expanded aspect of your sacred nature within your heart center.

Through conscious choice you have the opportunity to make full use of the light openings that are emerging as the veils lift. You get to choose to allow your emerging energies to align to the sacred heart and at the same time create a bridge between you heart and human aspect. This is a sacred time for you to emerge your consciousness into a new setting of light within your sacred conscious state of being.

Within each moment you choose what you will align to: the heart center or the ego mind.  This is your time of conscious choice to take the next step of self-love through choices of the sacred heart.


The Pleiadians

To hear the entire broadcast of the August 19th Pleiadian Tools for Self Realization click the link below:

Friday, August 16, 2013

A message from Christine and the Pleiadians for our Spanish speaking friends

Christine Day


Christine compartíó esta información de los Pleyadianos en nuestro círculo el otro día: Va a haber un cambio dimensional que ocurrirá en el punto centra de la tierra. El punto de rotación va a cambiar dimensionalmente. Esto comenzará alrededor del 12 de Agosto. Este cambio creará olas de magnificación de la energía que va a darle a ustedes la oportunidad de ir o bien más adentro de la ilusión de la mente del ego de 3ra dimensión o bien elegir la magnificación de su ser divino. Ambas son oportunidades abiertas.

Ustedes tendrán la oportunidad de elegir "¿cómo voy a responder a esto?"

El espacio del corazón que conecta con el elemento de divinidad de su Ser va a estar mucho más magnificado y fácilmente alineado en este tiempo, y también la mente del ego con la ilusión. La Elección Consciente es tan esencial desde el 12 de Agosto y las 3 semanas que siguen. Estas olas van a llegar al planeta y las aperturas van a crecer. Ambas opciones.

Los Pleyadianos dicen que va a ocurrir algo que va a parecer una "disminución" en su vida. Quizás una disminución en muchos, muchos niveles. La sensación que la mente del ego tendrá por esa disminución es ' oh, no, pérdida!'

Puede ser que ustedes ya estén sintiendo eso en preparación para el 12 de Agosto, esta disminución o apariencia de disminución. 

Los Pleyadianos dicen que esta energía en que las cosas aparentemente disminuyen en realidad es una plataforma para un nuevo crecimiento. Ustedes necesitan abrirse a la oportunidad que se presenta porque la disminución o apariencia de disminución es en realidad un espacio increíble que se crea para cosas nuevas, nuevas formas de ser, nuevas
cosas para recibir, nueva oportunidad. Esto puede venir mucho en forma de confusión, y cuestionarse a ustedes y lo que están haciendo y lo que puedan sentir, como que 'yo he perdido el tiempo' o 'no tiene ningún sentido lo que he estado haciendo. Pero esto no es una verdad. Esto es parte de la ilusión de esta disminución que está teniendo lugar para preparar algo más.

Aún ahora, antes del 12 de Agosto ustedes tienen una oportunidad de ver esto, qué está ocurriendo y qué está rodeándolos y dar gracias por la oportunidad de una limpieza y algo que se abre. O ir a la lucha y caída en picada de la mente del ego. La historia del ego de pelea, miedo y carencia y todas las cosas que la mente del ego va a hacer al hablar así.

Esta disminución de las cosas es una limpieza del desorden y una apertura de espacios en su contenedor para la abundancia y cosas nuevas en sus vidas, nuevas oportunidades, nuevas puertas que se abren; nuevas formas de ser con la energía que entra al planeta.

Yo quiero traerles eso porque es un tiempo muy importante para que comprendan lo que viene, para que se preparen, para que comprendan en medio de qué se encuentran ahora mismo, pensando '¿qué diablos está pasando?'

Si no tienen idea ni comprensión, ni puedan hacer que nada tenga sentido, sin claridad, cuestionándose a ustedes mismos. Los Pleyadianos dicen que no traten de comprender todo en este momento. Simplemente tengan la voluntad de soltar y permanecer en un estado de no saber, esperando la llegada de la verdad en el momento oportuno. Sabiendo que 'todo está bajo control' , que estamos siendo sostenidos y apoyados en este tiempo de gran oportunidad y transformación.

Yo sostengo este espacio para cada uno de nosotros. Sé que yo siento una tremenda gratitud de los Pleyadianos y los mensajes que traen y la comprensión que traen, para
que cada uno de nosotros pueda avanzar y permitirse estar en el medio de lo que es, como en una máquina de lavar. Siendo lavados y girados.

Y hay confort en los números si ustedes ven cuantos de nosotros estamos en la misma experiencia. Podemos Confiar en eso. No hay una persona que yo conozca en este momento que esté segura de algo. Y si lo está, ¿Qué quiere decir eso? No mucho. Porque si la mente del ego piensa que sabe algo absolutamente, sabemos que eso no es una verdad.

No hay nada más importante ahora mismo que prepararse ustedes y se lancen donde necesiten estar.

Amor y bendiciones

Es tan importante que al comenzar el 12 de Agosto no estén en la mente del ego sino que entren en sus corazones y busquen dónde deberían estar, qué deberían estar haciendo, y solamente estén en sus corazones para tener guía en este momento. Un tiempo gigante para anclar nuevas alineaciones a su corazón sagrado y a su ser sagrado
enviado con mucho amor

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pleiadian Message from August 5th Pleiadian Tools for Self Realization

We have had some new information from the Pleiadians. Through a dimensional shift in the rotation point within the earth there are a series of vibrational pulses in the form of light frequencies coming onto our earth plane. This is going to begin next week creating an intensification of energy on our planet. This energy will create a magnification of experiences around you in your life in the coming weeks.

It is so important for each one of us to be very clear about what you need to be doing, where you need to place your self, and I am going to be speaking about this today, bringing to you guidance from the Pleiadians on how you can approach your life during this time of magnified energy.

We will of course have a transmission from the Pleiadians on today’s show that is essential in staying balanced during this changing time, and we will have a strong Galactic presence here today to support you in your initiations throughout this transmission.

Beloved ones we greet you, 

You are entering a ‘new dawning’ phase within your earth’s energy. There is a change within the rotation point of your earth about to take place. This change is being created through a dimensional shift within the earth’s central point. This is going to change the vibrational pulse of the frequency of your earth plane, opening up a series of energetic pulses that will directly affect your physical energies.

And so it is essential that you consciously align to your crystalline structure within your heart to receive the necessary energetic adjustments within your own energetic framework. It’s through conscious choice that you begin to align to this changing flow through your heart center, which will enable you to receive the re-calibrations through your cells of your heart. This new movement opens you into a natural re-alignment with this flowing dimensional shifting pulse.

This is a next step for those of you who have already begun your awakened journey. These energies that are carried within these pulses are designed to re-align you to different states of consciousness. As you are realigned to these states, there is access given to you to expanded levels of the ‘living principles.’ This is the time for your rapid movement  forward.

In today’s transmission we the Pleiadians will be holding specific placements within dimensional spaces in which you will be repositioned energetically within your cells. Just let go and allow your repositioning to Self, let go and just go with the flow within the openings that are presented to you. An aspect of this repositioning will affect realignment of your DNA strands.

We are with you as you take this next revolutionary step.

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Sacred Patterning and Living Principles
With Christine Day – Pleiadian Ambassador 

This is an Online Event, this event is NOT a download product. it is presented only in the Awakening Zone Academy 

Christine Day, teacher, healer, author and channel for the Pleiadians, gives a fascinating account of her life-changing meeting with the Pleiadians, who are an aspect of the God consciousness, the Oneness. Then, joined by the energies of Mother Mary and Jesus, she presents these messages of self-empowerment in order to assist listeners in moving beyond limited 3D energies and dynamics. Using words, sound and energy, she offers potent transmissions to help reconnect the human and divine. 

Session 1: Sacred Patterning of the Heart opens the heart into an expanded reconnection of a sacred alignment to Self through receiving multi-dimensional levels of the birthing of the 'sacred patterning' within the heart center. The patterning allows a natural reconnection to the universal community as well as bringing a transformation within the human aspect of your self, bridging the gap between your higher self and human aspect to accelerate the enlightenment process. 

Session 2: Anchoring the Seeds of the Living Principles is designed to help you receive the 'living principal' energies for your awakening. In this presentation, Christine talks about the 'living principles' and then provides light and sound transmissions, enabling the listener to begin this advanced birthing process as they consciously open to multi-dimensional levels of the 'living principles.' 

Note: these presentations were given in Brazil and include consecutive Portuguese translation. 

Sacred Patterning of the Heart – 1:17:14 
Anchoring the Seeds of the Living Principles – 1:17:07 

August 12 – Registration closes 
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Session audio will remain available online until November 15, 2013. 

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• Create an account in the Awakening Zone Academy (if you don’t yet have one) 
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• Your invitation to the Academy event group will be e-mailed 2 days before the event begins

Blessings, The Pleiadians 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Two new special messages available on The Awakening Zone

I know many of you have enjoyed listening to Pleiadian Tools for Self Realization on the first and third Monday of each month at 2:30PM-CDT on The Awakening Zone.

Now I want to let you know that I have  two very special messages available in the AwakeningZone Academy:

Session 1 - Sacred Patterning of the Heart
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