Friday, March 20, 2015

March message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones we great you,

Strong forces enter your earth plane at this time. They are here to assist you in your transition in moving from a 3rd dimensional illusion perspective to a 4th 5th dimensional perspective of Truth.

You have been waiting for these specific energies that are designed to break down the hold of your 3rd dimensional weaving that has anchored you, held you in place in order to have your human experience. You have woven this illusion around you and now is the time to release your self from this webbing.
Now is the time to move beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion, it is the time to open into realms of truth and understanding beyond what you have known. You have completed this experience of lack and struggle and feeling small, insignificant. Now is you time to emerge out of restriction into the light of fulfillment and creation.

Your ego mind is the anchor that keeps you within this webbing of illusion. Your heart connection takes you beyond this webbing into a place of self-fulfillment and freedom to be the creator. There are many energetic forces here to support you in your transition to remembering who you are and what you hold within you. Know that we play our part within a universal team, working to support this transition that is taking place on your planet. This transition is taking place on many dimensional levels.

You are being asked to play your part consciously now. To choose consciously what brings you joy in the moment, to choose your heart connection in the moment, to remember that no matter how stuck you feel, you always have a choice to do things differently. Do not settle for the mundane movement of your routine. Change just one aspect of how you do something; change the order of when you do something. Each time you choose to change and do one small detail differently the wheel turns, and there is a shift within the anchor of your 3rd dimensional webbing.

It is the time for you to make simple changes in the way you do things that will begin to erode this anchor within your 3rd dimensional webbing. Feel your self in the moment. Just stop and breathe and feel you breathing. Open up to what is around you and just stop and breathe.
This is your time to wake up and live!

We are with you.


The Pleiadians

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