Friday, April 10, 2015

Second Pleiadian Broadcast this Sunday!

Christine Day
2nd Pleiadian Broadcast of 2015

Sunday April 12th, 10AM-PDT
This second Broadcast of the year brings through initiations that are designed to support you in working with the accelerating illumination waves coming onto the planet.

We are being given this unique opportunity to choose differently… to consciously choose to break away from the weave of our 3rd dimensional illusions.

In the transmission you are given a direct experience of the "self liberation releasing process" which is a work that is only now possible with the lifting of the veils and the new energies on the planet. Christine works with releasing blocks and barriers that have been keeping you stuck in place, locked in a prison of illusions for lifetimes.

You gain new insights and clarity to situations and understand Truth that you can bring to your day-to-day life. You receive "resurrection imprints" with the Christ energy to assist you in moving towards a new perspective.

Remember, the transmissions in these Broadcasts have an accumulative effect on you. You transform each time you watch as your ability to carry new levels of the frequencies within this process expands. Let go and breathe!

The next Broadcast is coming in May.

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