Friday, February 28, 2014

Music with Pleiadian Heart

One of my students in a Level One class in Brazil composed and performed this piece with my sacred language and voice added in. It's called Letting Go, by Grace Rainbow of the Mystic Rainbow Project. I really enjoyed it and wanted to share it with everyone.  Just click on the link below and let the music fill your soul.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Pleiadian Tools for Self Realization Message from February 17th

Christine Day
Beloved Ones we greet you,

There is much for you to achieve in these next months ahead. Let go and allow the reforming of your lives, the recalibration within the cells of your body. Allow this new light flow moving onto your planet to support these changes within you.

It is the time for monumental change on every level of your life. There is no choice but to let go and witness yourself being moved, repositioned to where you are meant to be. You can no longer rely on past experience for a reference point. There is a new game plan now, with all old structures falling away. You cannot continue to do things the same way. It will not work for you.

Trust is all you have in this moment of time, let go and Be.


The Pleiadians

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Friday, February 14, 2014

More Information from the Pleiadians - February 3rd

Hi everyone, I am Christine Day it’s great to with you and I am looking forward to spending time with you on the show today. I know that those of us in north America have been trying to stay warm, it has been an unusually cold winter for many of us. And of course here I am in Grand Marais right on lake Superior, and it has been incredibly cold, getting down to temperature -25 F with wind chills of -55 F, it certainly has been a powerful experience on lake sup, incredibly beautiful with the forming of ice on my beach and lots of blue sky days. The Pleiadians have been coming in strongly at this time. It has been wonderful to watch the eagles and deer, and just to Be with the ever changing waters on the Lake.

I have begun to layer the next levels for the communication Portals and that remains a powerful process.

Just to remind you Mercury is in retrograde right now, so watch out with communication, travel, breakdowns, delays . . . lots of challenges right now in front of us on a 3rd dimensional level!

I do know that I have been filled with a joy over the last week, even though on a 3rd dimensional level I have had challenges, but it is so important to keep everything in perspective, I keep letting go dealing with what is in front of me moment to moment, letting go, trusting and experiencing the joy. You cannot push the water right now, each one of us needs to witness, and let go. Knowing that we are not in control, just doing the very best you can. And that is enough. Be gentle with your self and we continue to move forward at this very intense time on the planet. remember you are not alone, and all is in hand, and Breathe

I do hope that each one of you are staying out of the 3rd dimensional drama that has been intensifying since Dec 29th. I do know that there is a tremendous amount coming up for people at this time as the energies keep building/ intensifying. 

I want to remind you to keep letting go, just knowing that nothing is clear at this time. And so you really need to sit tight and not necessarily look to finding any solutions at this time. Not to try and force any doors to open, or to make things happen. This is the time to sit and wait for the clarity to come and do nothing until your next step is clear. What I call ‘actively waiting.’ No matter how things appear right now on a 3rd dimensional level, it is the time to let go and know all is in hand. Trust is important right now, knowing that a lot of structures are falling away. Things that have worked in the past may no longer be working for you, everything is changing including the cells of your body, so you need to remember to breath and not be attached to the outcome, to open to change.

We are going to be working within the transmission today to assist you aligning deeper to the new energetic flow to your heart center. With these new energies moving through your heart center you need to remember to connect daily to the heart.

With the further expansions of the dimensional settings on the earth plane there will be an upswing in the 3rd dimensional drama, this calls for you to stay extremely centered and mindful of your connection to your heart as well as your reactions from moment to moment.

The most important thing to remember with this upswing in the dimensional settings is to just breath and be moment to moment. Don’t jump ahead of your self and just meet what is right in front of you, try not to project what is coming and worrying, this is the ego mind which will create a cycle of fear and struggle. Hold yourself within your heart center and just trust each moment and allow the unfolding to be witnessed by you. As you feel moved in one direction or another, just do and move and flow.
It is imperative that you don’t go ahead of your self, and just be in the moment, being willing to just Be.

In today’s (Feb 3rd) transmission we will be opening into new dimensional structures to support you in being able to energetically align to the moment, this will support you in being able to stay more centered energetically. We will be working with your stability point in the heart center that was anchored in previous transmissions to support you.

There will be an expansion through your heart today that is going to allow an energy to flow and support the changing energies of the cells within your body.

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Pleiadian Tools for Self Realization Message from Februrary 3rd

Beloved Ones we greet you,

There is a higher frequency of light beginning to birth this month through the energetic waves anchoring on the earth plane. This light is specifically designed to work through the cells of your body to expand the energetic component of the cell itself. This will enable the cells to be able to align to the new electrical energy that is being birthed due the changing dimensional shifts on the planet.

Your systems are undergoing an electrical change and magnetic shift. These shifts can create a feeling of disorientation so it is important not to try and work things out but to simply rest and breath and continue to be willing to let go.

The human aspect of your self needs support by the sacred aspect of your self. This is done by just giving yourself permission to keep letting go and just dealing with what is in front of you in each moment. This is the only way you are going to navigate your way at this time moment by moment. You need rest and you need to breathe.

Spend time with others who are like-minded and support each other in your journeys witnessing each other with love and joy. Laugh and be together, celebrating this time. It is a time of no human comfort, and this is important to understand that the human ego will go through some difficulties because of the lack of control of events as the 3rd structures begin to break down.

We witness you and remind you to reach for the energetic support that is surrounding you.


The Pleiadians

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