Friday, April 26, 2013


What is a Transmission?These two-hour events comprise a channeled dialogue from the Pleiadians, followed by an energetic channeling (a transmission of light), that is designed to assist in re-aligning you with your own light Self or higher Self.
These Pleiadian energies, together with Christine’s energy, will assist you in anchoring your own light into the cells of your body, which then activates and opens up any dense areas where pain or disease may be present, thereby facilitating your own self-healing process. This energetic space is here to support you in opening your heart to another level.
The Pleiadians are here on our earth plane to assist in the dimensional birthing of our planet, and also to assist those of us that are willing to awaken to ourselves. The Pleiadians hold what they call ‘energetic platforms,’ which open up powerful opportunities for us to re-align back into our Natural Spiritual Natures, or you can say Higher Self.
The Pleiadians create a series of Light Initiations that can work for us in our day to day lives, assisting us to let go of the struggle and tiredness that has been with us for lifetimes.  They activate these light energies in the form of 'light initiations' so that we can birth ourselves within these energies and fully work with and utilize them for our own awakening process.
The latest Pleiadian Transmission of Light is scheduled for this Sunday at 10AM-PDT! Be sure to tune in by going to when the show is about to start!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sneak Peek at Pleiadian Principles for Living! Chapter 1

Pleiadian Principles for Living, a handbook designed to assist people in navigating through the changing times, is scheduled to launch on June 26, 2013. Until then, here's a sneak peek:

Chapter 1


The Pleiadians continue to remind us that everyone is “perfectly imperfect” as human beings. You cannot be perfect. Yet, the lie out there is that in order to be enlightened you have to be perfect. The fact is that all you have to do in order to become enlightened is end the separation inside yourself and accept your self in your “perfectly imperfect” state. You cannot move into enlightenment while you are in separation with your self. You need to celebrate your humanness; remember that you came to the Earth plane to have a human experience.

A big component of this shift (the Pleiadians say “the most important part”) is that within this process of self-acceptance you move into a practice of self-love. This will come automatically when the fourth/fifth dimensional energies anchor onto the Earth plane, but right now there is still a third dimensional illusion operating on the earth plane.
As you transform, your spiritual aspect can evolve because your internal separation ends. This is what you’ve come here to do. This transformation will birth within you a sense of peace and stability, and bring you back into re-alignment with a fourth/fifth dimensional relationship with your Self. You will become a witness to the third dimensional drama on this earth plane rather than being a part of it.

It is time to come full circle, back to your Self. Now is the time! The work must start within you. You'll be amazed how quickly your life will unfold once you begin unraveling what is inside, step by step.

As a human being you tend to put your attention towards distractions. You move your energy outside of your selves. It is challenging to feel the human element within your selves, to be willing to feel your vulnerability, to explore what is inside of you.

It is important to understand the process of your creation. When you need to learn something your higher divine aspect creates a series of situations within your world as a way for you to be able to have an experience and learn. This enables you to take another step towards a better understanding of your human vulnerabilities. Sometimes a situation is created for you to have another opportunity to work through an issue that you have not been able to deal with in previous experiences.

You don’t interpret it that way when you are in your human aspect, when you’re in the illusion, but the truth is that everything that comes towards you is mirroring what’s already inside of you, all that you have not been able to work through. By owning your creation, however difficult, you begin to deal with the feelings inside you that arose from the situation.

As you are willing to bring your awareness right into the depth, the center of the feeling that is inside of you, you breathe into the feeling, almost as though you’re drowning in the experience. Then the feeling can leave the body. The situation itself will also be able to leave because it is no longer required. Your healing is complete, the issue has released.

This is the recipe for dealing with the issues inside of you. Realize that you can no longer be a victim in your life. This is your key piece to the transformation of your separation elements. What is going on in each person’s life is each person’s creation, so that they can transform. This birthing process is not an easy. There’s a lot of upheaval.

You create what you need in each moment. You create everything! It may be uncomfortable, it might be traumatic, or dramatic, and it might cause chaos inside of you, and still it’s all coming as a gift.

Within the New Dawning energy there is support for you to be able to own where you are in your path right now. Through the action of your conscious choice, you are enabling your self to align to your spiritual aspect. As you consciously own your creation, and open to the feelings that are being provoked, a transformational process will begin to take place for you. This is you beginning to consciously work in alignment with your divine self, your creator self. This re-union will begin to propel you forward on your path, and you will be able to move differently in your world as you flow in alignment with your destiny pathway.

It all comes down to two elements: fear or love. When disturbing feelings come up within you, and you study what you’re holding against yourself, you’ll be amazed. And what is equally amazing is how fast your life will transform. It’s unbelievably magical how quickly you can change and turn things around in your own life with this process.

I encourage you to open up to your life, be willing to own your creation, and be willing to feel what is in front of you. Be willing to explore its gift. The question to ask your self is, “What is the lesson in front of me right now?”

Give yourself permission to remember, to make mistakes. You do not need to be perfect. Take joy in humanness, remove yourself from the cross, hold yourself in love and understanding, and breathe into your cells. Align with your Sacred Heart; your heart is the connection between spirit and human. Bring in the sun; the sun is the light of you. Honor yourself for every slip on the journey and hold every aspect of your experience with love and compassion. Each cell resonates and resurrects with this glorious experience of ending separation.

Click the link below to preorder the book on Amazon:

Pleiadian Principles for Living

Friday, April 12, 2013

Pleiadian Message from April 1st

Beloved ones we greet you,

Today you are being asked to let go and allow a new configuration to be activated within the cells of your body and energetic field. You are going to be aligned into an aspect of flow that will move you and initiate you into the living principal frequency that is held within the sacred realms of the universe. This is a first step to allow you to begin to be able to align to the multi-dimensional setting of integrity, truth, and love that exists within the living principals.

We hold you and witness you as you allow this birthing process. Do not look back, do not look forward, just be. Let go and be in each moment of your process, claiming energetically the flow, for you must claim it for your self. This is you playing your part!


The Pleiadians

You can listen to the whole broadcast of Pleiadian Tools for Self Realization by following the link below: