Friday, February 27, 2015

The latest message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones we great you,

With the new energies working within your planet, within your energetic field you are being called to move into a new state of being. The focus right now is to open up to an acceptance of all people regardless of the 3rd dimensional reality of differences. It is the time to let go of judgments which create separation, understanding the importance of self acceptance, and acceptance of others.

You can witness someone without judgment, understanding that each person has their own individual journey to take and each person has the right to do what they need to for their own experience.

It is a time of sacred union with others, to let go of the “I” and join in collective energies to move into your next step of your work experience. Your planet needs the energy of community without ego now. It requires each individual to bring in their own unique divine quality to the whole community so that there is enrichment to all within that community.

Love is the key and it is the time to drop the ego element that creates separation, that prevents the love unfolding to new dimensional levels. You need to be willing to open to a different aspect of intimacy between you and others. This will allow a healing of old wounds created by abandonment and betrayal from past experience. Be willing to allow a healing of your own heart space, and hold the love for your self and others.

Know that it is the time now for change, to move forward into a community that will receive you. It is the time to end an element of separation within you, to accept yourself, and begin to disengage yourself from the 3rd dimensional illusion.

The illumination waves are dissolving the hold that the 3rd dimensional illusion has imprisoned you for life times. It is the time to step beyond the limitation, lack, struggle and fear that has held you captive. The loosening of the 3rd dimensional hold makes it possible for you to disengage from your perceived limitations and for you to begin to choose differently.

Choose freedom, abundance and open into an unlimited space in which you can create your world. The energies are here to support you now as you consciously choose to take a step away from old self-imposed restrictions. Simply change you mind and your focus, then your life can change.

This is a time where your power is re-surfacing. It takes just one moment of doing something differently, by claiming your free choice, to be moved into a different energetic flow of your abundance. Choose now to change just one element of your limited thought pattern.

You do this simply by letting go of one restriction in the moment that you have placed around you. You are not a victim. You hold a grand capacity to create. When you change one restriction, your outer world can change because you begin to align to a flow of abundance that is naturally yours.

Moment by moment you can claim this birthright. Each moment you choose to let go and be with that truth, the wheel turns, and change begins to naturally move within your life in many different ways.

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain by taking this step. It is your time now. We hold out a hand to support and steady each one of you who are willing to choose to take another path now. We witness you and acknowledge you have free will to choose. This is your choice, to either stay in limitation or to change your energetic environment  around you of abundance.

The frequency of truth and love will be accelerating on your earth plane this month. Join the flow of this current, take your place and be seen.


The Pleiadians

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