Friday, December 27, 2013

Final Pleiadian Broadcast for 2013 this Sunday!

Christine encourages everyone to watch the final Pleiadian Broadcast of 2013 on December 29th at 10AM-PST

According to Christine this Broadcast is vital! The Pleiadians say very powerful energies are coming in the New Year, a very strong readjustment of the dimensional energy of the rotational point within the earth. This is taking place on New Year, which will create tremendous transformation and challenges.

You are really going to support yourself by aligning to what the Pleaidians call the ‘stability point’ in your heart center. This is ready to birth and will assist you in staying centered in your heart and enable you to flow with the dimensional shifts and earth changes that are coming.

On the October 27th Broadcast there is a process which opens and activates the ‘stability point’ in the heart center. It will support you to work with this material prior to the December 29th Broadcast.

The December 29th Broadcast will carry powerful transmissions for an expanded birthing of your ‘stability point’ within your heart center in readiness for a “big shift” coming to the planet in the New Year. There will also be a process for a birthing and expansion of the energetic field of the heart on the broadcast.

It will be really important to work with this and allow the realignments to assist you in navigating through the times that are coming. And they are strong. I have never felt them so strong as the energies that were presented to me in preparing for this broadcast.

As the Pleaidians say, this is part of the shift that is coming. There is nothing to fear, but you must stay aligned to your heart center and out of the 3rd dimensional drama that will accelerate in the year 2014. There is going to be a strong intensification of the 3rd dimensional drama from the New Year on.

The Pleiadians say, nothing is as you think it will be., nothing will be predictable. The only place to be is in your heart center and anchoring into those alignments. Being, moment to moment. To let go and trust, all is in hand.

We hope to see you at the video broadcast on our web site. This is not to be missed! 

To view the show go to and click on Pleiadian Broadcasts.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Audio Exercises Included with Christine Day's Pleiadian Principles for Living

Christine Day
Christine Day's newest book, Pleiadian Principles for Living comes complete with easily accessible audio files. Christine describes how the exercises work: 

"All audio exercises carry light initiations channeled by the Pleiadians for your awakening process. They are multidimensional in nature and are designed to bring you into a reawakened state, realigning you back to aspects of your sacred nature. Understand, these files were created for you to listen to them over and over, each time receiving new levels of the material as you transform with each exercise. 

There are sacred sounds held within the audio files that you are asked to work with in step-by-step processes. The Universal community recognizes each person through their unique sacred sound. The sacred sounds create a rejuvenation within the cells of the body and a rebirthing of your light is anchored through the cells creating a physical self-healing process within the body. 

There are activations of the crystalline structure within the body through sacred sounds within certain audio files, and process for working through the telepathic center of the brain for telepathic communion." 

You can get the book from Amazon and at Barnes and Noble and other book stores. For the best price, visit the store on the website

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pleiadian Message from December 16th

Beloved Ones we greet you,

Now is an important time for you to be preparing for strong influences that will be working within the earth plane from the time of the New year into mid 2014. It is a great time and there are challenges before you. It is imperative that you expand your heart alignments in readiness for these coming times. Your heart connection will be key in enabling you to fully navigate through the transference energies that will be expanding and anchoring through the energetic grids that are already in place on your earth plane.

These energies will create upheaval on many levels, by anchoring your stability point within your heart center you will be able to maintain your connection to your heart. The stability point enables you to take a step towards an anchored space within the multi dimensional aspects of your heart, this keeps you centered within this changing environmental process.
You are not alone, we are here creating anchored grids of stability and each one of you have your own pre-agreement team to support you in this transitional process. Just let go and align consciously to this new stability point that anchors and births within your heart.


The Pleiadians

You can listen to the entire episode of Pleiadian Tools for Self Realization by following the link below:

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Connect with the Pleiadians in San Diego this January 18-19th

Pleiadian and Galactic Energies 2 Day Workshop: Jauary 18th – 19th, 2014 in San Diego, CA
Christine Day

Come and Join us on this Dynamic 2Day Adventure!

*Mother Mary brings her presence into the seminar space to support you in expanded birthing of your heart center.
*Birthing a stable multidimensional structure within you as you initiate into a series of sacred arcs, enabling you to travel within your stable structure.
*Expanding your telepathic center and birthing a rejuvenation of the cells
*Through a series of sacred processes you will open into waves of the “Living Principles” which bring the purest essence of love that holds clarity and truth.

Ways you can sign up for this powerful event:

Phone Caitlin Kelley at 858-344-2404
Email Caitlin at or
Register directly at

Friday, December 6, 2013

December Message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones we great you,

There is so much to be done at this time on your earth plane. There are so many dimensional aspects of Self for each one of you to birth within at this time. Know that you are being held as you allow your self to take many steps forward in a new direction on your path. When we speak of this new direction we refer to the new dimensional alignments that are being revealed as the veils lift. These alignments open to you the many sacred spaces in which you can anchor and move back into reunion and become a part.

The light waves that have begun to open into your planet will begin to intensify late November until the 16th December. This intensification will bring to you further opportunities to move into a more rapid flow of light on a new dimensional path. This path will birth you forth into sacred dimensional aspects for you to anchor through your heart center. It brings you new ways to consciously work within your heart to create through your conscious choice playing a greater role in your evolution as well as supporting the evolution of your earth plane consciously.

Be aware that through this intensification of the light waves there will be a further magnification of the human drama. You have been give clear steps how to move out of the drama and just be. It does take a clear conscious choice action from you to maintain
your heart connection and to just trust. No matter what just let go and Trust. The more you are willing to allow this state to anchor through you the more quickly you will achieve a permanent stable state of ‘Being’ within you.

Those of you who are willing will go through a rapid imprinting process that will propel you forward into awakened dimensional states in which you will reclaim your natural birthright of reconnection of Self. You just need to allow everything to fall away just in one moment in time. Remember you do not have to do this perfectly. It only takes one moment out of separation choosing to align to your heart and letting go. This experience in the moment creates a permanent anchoring of this ‘state of oneness’ to align through the cells of your body.

Work on allowing as many moments as you can just letting go and anchoring the energies through your heart center and Trust. Remember each separate experience in the moment is accumulative.

Take one step at a time towards this state of connection within your heart.

We hold you and call you forward at this time because you are needed to hold anchors on your earth plane it is what you have pre agreed to do at this pivotal time.

Love and Blessings

The Pleiadians