Thursday, July 26, 2012

Joshua Tree and a Message from The Pleiadians

Hi everyone,

It was such an amazing journey going to Joshua Tree and being with the Pleiadians as we initiated into some of the ancient pure energies within the Medicine circle. The group of people who gathered with me to receive these initiations were wonderful, and together we formed a synergy of light as we birthed ourselves and formed into a powerful union of oneness.

I also had some deepening experiences of my place within the Shamanic world about me taking another step in my role as teacher here and accepting that I have a greater role to play as part of my destiny. There were many moments during which I entered sacred aspects of my shamanic self that I previously had not encountered. It left me empowered and shaken as I birthed new parts of my self. I was so grateful to the Pleidains and the natural forces for the incredible support. So many times I was held by the Earth Mother and filled with the grace of the light from Father Sun.

Many Pleiadian ships were sighted during our rituals, and I felt filled with grace as I was able to take my place on another level with the Galactic Council.

Much love and blessings,

A message from The Pleiadians 

Beloved ones we greet you,

We open up to you a clear vision of yourself at this moment, you being a central sun while everything else moves around you. You draw to yourself at this time all that you need by conscious choice. This is the new energy that surrounds you. Part of your journey right now is a learning curve to help you understand your worth, your power and the illusion of your world. It is a passage of moving from the reality of illusion to the reality of Truth. This Truth is for you to receive your Self for all that you are within your humanness and all that you are within your spiritual nature. You need to harness your personal power through personal choice. Part of this choice involves your human aspect, choosing to hold your self with love and compassion, consciously changing your relationship to yourself as you move forward. Then you are able to utilize your spiritual power. We witness you in this transition of your Self. We witness your courage as you open into trust, not always understanding all that is taking place in the moment, but stepping forward with your heart and taking your place.
Know that we hold you as you transition.

Love and blessings,

The Pleiadians

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Recap of Recent Local Pleiadian Transmission

In a message from the Pleiadians we are being asked to connect with them and the angels masters light beings and our teams each morning (early) before we start our day each day.  It is the time to honor our pre-agreements and as we do this and connect to the aforementioned support group, which of course is a unique team of beings for each of us, our pre-agreements become more recognizable to us.  Our team members will greatly assist us to make manifest all that we pre-agreed to do.  It is the time of miracles and ease as we work with our personal support groups and remember who we are and what we came to do at this time.   There is no limit to our capacity and what we can do.  Ask and you will receive.

One futher thing to add.  There will be many changes happening in the outer world but this is illusion, and we are to witness and love but not get involved with the drama.  We can be the eye in the center of the storm.  The work we have all done allows us to hold this space.  We are to align ourselves when we find we are out of balance, as that is where our energies are best spent.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pleiadan Message from July 2nd

Beloved ones,

You stand on the threshold of another turning point within you. As you take this step today and activate these energetic portals, you will find a new depth within you. There is just a moment in time, a breath taken and you move your self into another state of being. You actually connect to aspects of yourself that have been laying dormant. Now you step forward. With hands out stretched you reach for yourself. You receive you. It's like a small child taking it’s first step, but this is not your first step . . . However this is the first step in this new direction. Breathe and move towards the brilliance of your light. Breathe and receive yourself through the portals of light within you. We hold you with love and a great appreciation for all the moments that bring you to Now.


The Pleiadians 

To listen to the entire broadcast for July 2nd, 2012 follow the link below: