Friday, June 27, 2014

Three Day Pleiadian Seminars this fall

The ‘great shift’ energy has begun to anchor  on the earth plane from today, this is going to create a strong turning point in the road for each one of us who are awake, it will be continuing right through to Dec 29th.

We will be working with some powerful ‘letting go’ transmissions today during the transmission, in support of you working with energies already coming onto the planet to enable you to ‘let go and move into a new dimensional setting that will opening now in the ‘great shift’ energy from today.

Pleiadian Three-Day Seminar – Mastery Class            

October 11, 12, 13 Bloomington, MN
September 12, 13, 14 Brasilia, Brazil

For the first time the Pleiadians will be presenting to us a series of sacred tools to awaken us to our master energy. Our master energy is our pure light source of your higher self, these sacred tools from the Pleiadians will open you naturally, giving you access to your own pure light source energy connection/higher self.

In a three-day process you will re-access and develop and unfold within your own pure light source access and learn how to work with these sacred tools to support you in your day to day living.

We will be working within the powerful crystalline vortex to further expand and integrate your Master energy, and then initiating and developing your own Master essence within galactic portals that are being made available for the very first time to us from the Pleiadians.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Message from Christine Day from Pleaidan Tools for Self Realization, June 16th

Christine Day
I am joyful being up here in Grand Marais, putting in a vegetable garden and just being in the wonderful energy of lake Superior. I have been creating new levels of the communication portal. I have been directed to open deeper layers within the communication portal. The Pleiadians and the rest of the Galactic community have been connecting with me in the last two weeks, giving me specific instructions to pass onto you regarding the latest energetic shifts that have been taking place on our earth plane, and how this impacts your readiness to move forward.

The Lemurain portal out in lake Superior in front of the house where I am has opened on another dimensional level as I created these new energetic layers within the Communication portal. The role of the Lemurians is to support you in your energetic transformation of your crystalline structure in your body, as you move through a powerful metamorphosis.

It is going to be important to slow down and breathe in your day to day lives giving yourself time to adjust to the new energies.

The transmission today is designed to support you in working with the energies of awakening from the ‘lifting of the veils’ that will enable you to work with aspects of you pure source of light connection to receive clarity, understanding.

This is the time to move more and more within, as you do this you will open up to your internal guidance, this is where all things arise for you. All understanding, clarity you will find within yourself, this is the time when the veils lift, and the dream ends for a moment and you begin to glimpse the truth within you.

This is why it is so important to come back to anchoring through your heart center and to begin this internal reconnection with yourself. Accessing through your heart, this is your source.

In today’s transmission you open into the opportunity to begin to birth our own connection to your pure source of light within the cave energy through the expanding multi-dimensional letting go energy that opens as the veils lift. You need to know that everything that exists in that moment is an aspect of your own sacred self, so that you can let go and open to consciously receiving and aligning to your source. Through this setting you create a powerful turn in the wheel of your destiny. We begin this next phase of this birthing light process.

OPENING TO THE MOMENT: multi-dimensional moment.

This multidimensional framework gives you access to an ability to reconnect to any one moment whether it is the past or future, as there is no such thing as time. It allows you to full stabilize within that dimensional moment and not only re-access the energetic experience but to align to a more expanded light frequency of that experience. Know that each moment is multi-dimensional. This means there is an unlimited amount of time and space within each moment, so within each moment there are unlimited levels of frequencies of light for you to receive. For example, you can revisit an energetic experience that you had, say a week ago, and move back into that moment. You do this by bringing your awareness to a specific feeling you had within the actual experience and just take a conscious breath. This moves you deeper into other dimensional levels of an energetic experience.

A channeled message from the Pleiadians,

Beloved ones we greet you,

There is much to celebrate as you move into the “great shift” time. It is the time to totally let go and allow a sacred flow to begin to birth through you. The letting go allows this sacred flow to replace all the 3rd dimensional density within the cells of your body. It will change the mirror of you, so that you begin to reflect your sacred nature. Each cell will become a sacred reflector of your pure light. Be still and let go, allowing a natural metamorphosis to take place within you. Breathe. Let go and Be.


the Pleiadians

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Friday, June 6, 2014

June message from Christine Day

Hi Everyone,
I cannot believe we are already into June. This is an exciting month, a turning point for all of us who are awake on the planet. It is the time of ‘the great shift’.
The Pleiadians have been talking about this time since January, when the veils will lift and we will awaken from the dream within the 3rd dimensional illusion and move into a dynamic remembering process. The Pleiadians say that a series of ‘lifting of veils’ will begin around the 16th June, and continue through December 2014.
I am already experiencing a powerful shift in consciousness over the last few weeks. I know I am being prepared to support this energetic process that will be enabling all of those who are ready for this ‘next step’.
I have been aligning to the Communication portal here in Grand Marais on expanded dimensional levels in readiness for the 2nd Galactic series. I know those of you who are a part of that class will greatly benefit from working within the communication portal in readiness for your ‘great shift’ process.
I want to remind you to just move into ‘letting go’ and opening to the truth that all things arise from within you. Bring all of your attention within your heart center as the central core of your place within the universe and just let go. Allowing your own divine manifestation to begin to anchor as the veils lift.
Love and Blessings,


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