Friday, June 28, 2013

Pleiadian Message from June 17th

Beloved ones we greet you,

We acknowledge that you are entering a new energetic time on your earth plane as a new arena opens up, this new arena will create a new acceleration of your birthing of consciousness. There are many adjustments being made within the energetic grids on your planet through this opening of the new arena, and there are several energetic openings taking place within the cells of your heart and your brain to bring you into a natural alignment with these powerful re-connections taking place.

Know that the illusion on your 3rd dimensional earth plane is magnifying, it magnifies as the discrepancy between the new levels of 4th/5th dimensional anchor on the earth plane and the 3rd dimensional setting come into direct opposition to each other. You can depend on the information that you are channeling now to be truth, even as one thing can appear one way, and in reality/truth it is another. Choose to believe in the truth that is being given to you. Hold that truth within your consciousness and just let go, allowing the unfolding of events to take place within the new alignments. breathe and let go.

You are in the changing realms within your earth plane, this unique time has been pre-ordained within a truth of a pure existence within the collective consciousness. We are waiting to receive you now as you allow yourself to be aligned to truth, every cell will hold this re-alignment, as you take a step towards the most sacred part of your self.

The Pleiadians

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Pleiadian Principles for Living AVAILABLE NOW

The wait is over! Finally, Pleiadian Principles for Living is available for purchase in print and in e-book format.

The Pleiadians call this time the New Dawning, a time for us to renounce our fear-based, three-dimensional illusions and consciously align with the new fourth- and fifth-dimensional energies that are anchoring on our planet.

Are you ready?

How can we live by Pleiadian principles and use them to assist us in our enlightenment process? This second major title channeled by Christine Day is a spiritual but practical roadmap that will show you how to navigate through these challenging, changing times, to understand the roles presaged by our conscious choice. With the clarity offered by Pleiadian Principles for Living, you will learn:

*To understand the current changes facing Earth and what is to come

*To activate pre-agreements made to support us in our mission

*How to use tools and sacred sounds that provide opportunities to work with the energetic matrix of crop circles, providing knowledge and activations

*How to use step-by-step tools for harnessing the energy of the Earth's natural forces through telepathic communion and communication with the Spiritual realms and all energetic alliances within the Universe

Christine Day
Pleiadian Principles for Living offers unique access to a wide variety of online audio files, featuring unlimited journeys of light initiations to support all readers in their individual awakening and evolution to their Spiritual home.

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Friday, June 14, 2013


Christine Day

Hi everyone, 

We are finally into Spring weather at last. For those of us moving from winter to spring we have had a very long winter. I do feel it has reflected a very powerful time of inner self-transformation and resurrection, not easy but so very essential for each one of us at this time.

I have been moving into a focus of just being in the moment, and consciously opening up to what I have created for myself to experience within each unfolding moment. Consciously working to unfold for my next step.

I have also been focusing on my energetic support system that is around me, asking for help and utilizing this help in my day-to-day requirements. Through this intense time I have been experiencing a strong sense of new energetic alignments opening up through me.

With the snow melted I get ready to begin to build a working connection to the natural Galactic portals that are on our land. I can feel a re-calibration within my cells in readiness for this next step of communion with the Galactic energies.

I know this is going to enable me to work within the powerful multi-dimensional energies within these Portals. I am excited! I know I will be given channeled information within these new connections that I will be a part. I know this information will come in many forms, so that I will be able to pass forward the varied initiation energies to each one of you that is ready. I say to myself and I say to you, “ Are you ready for this adventure?”

My answer is YES!

Love and blessings,

Friday, June 7, 2013

Pleiadian Message from May 20th

Beloved ones we greet you,

Know that there are many dimensional shifts about to take place here on your earth plane. You can expect a shift in frequency to take place within the next few weeks, and this may create some confusion within you as your heart center is aligned energetically to the new light coming onto the planet. Your heart center is being aligned to what is called the central sun energies. These energies carry a frequency of love that will birth a new dimensional setting within each heart cell. This allows you to be able to align more easily to these dimensional aspects anchoring at this time on the earth plane. Now is the time to begin to reach out through your heart center and align with the support that is here for you—support from us, the Pleiadians, the spiritual realms, your own natural forces on your planet, and other life force groups that you are personally aligned with.

We witness you as you take your next step forward.

The Pleiadians

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