Friday, November 29, 2013


Christine regularly presents a free one-and-a-half-hour awakening experience show that is recorded and broadcast here for free.
Each show comprises a discussion of daily living skills with channelled information and light energies being transmitted throughout the program.
There are two individual energetic transmissions during the show, both of which will assist in aligning to new aspects of your own Light Self. This will help you to anchor this energy into the cells of your body, thereby activating a self healing process.
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Pleiadian Tools for Self Realization, Pleiadian Message from November 18th

Beloved ones we greet you,

You open into a new way of being as your planet moves through a huge adjustment of energies over the next two months. There will be a further transformational shift that will occur within your rotational point of your planet. This will create a further changing elements within your energetic field – creating challenges for those of you attached to the 3rd dimensional experiences. There will be a heightened experience of  light for those ready for reunion connections with Self. Keep letting go and focus on your heart power – be your heart – recommit to Self.

The Pleiadians

To listen to the episode of Pleiadian Tools for Self Realization in its entirety follow the link below:

Friday, November 15, 2013

Courses at the Pleiadian Enlightenment Academy

AS WE STAND AT THE THRESHOLD OF the biggest and most momentous Shift in the history of humankind, the Pleiadians have some very important information to share with us about this time, which they refer to as “The New Dawning.”
Their urgent message is that there is a mutual birthing taking place within the Earth and within us. Now is the time to step forward and consciously participate in our own remembering and reconnection with our natural spiritual nature.
The Pleiadians remind us that we too are a part of this “New Dawning.”  This new energy is birthing within our cells, even as we ourselves are birthing into a new consciousness.  They remind us that we are here to have a human experience, while the same time re-awaken to our spiritual nature.  In order to move forward into this re-awakening, we must first turn back and honor ourselves for our humanness, to hold ourselves in love, compassion, and patience for all that we have lived in this lifetime, and to understand and embrace the fact that we are “perfectly imperfect” in our humanness, which is precisely as we were designed to be.
It is with great joy that I have been able to channel through a new body of sacred work from the Pleiadians, which is now being made available as the first Online Course we are presenting via our new Pleiadian Enlightenment Academy.
The “Language of Light Initiations” program is designed to take you through an accelerated awakening process, via a series of special Sacred Symbols, Sacred Sounds and Hand Mudras. The Sacred Symbols enable you to access dimensional states for self-healing and to receive light initiations; the Sacred Sounds birth forth within you new light energies of Self, and also act as a ”key to a door,” giving you deep access into the Sacred Aura within the Symbol; and the Hand Mudras assist you in birthing into a new level of fluidity within your cells. To find out more about the Pleiadian Academy of Enlightenment, and our first Pleiadian Light Inititations Course click here.
I do hope you will join us in this wonderful adventure of discovery of Self.
Many blessings,
Christine Day

Friday, November 8, 2013

An Important Message from Christine Day and the Pleiadians

The Pleaidians came to me this morning to talk to me, to bring information about these days coming and to share this information with you.

These days following Oct 29th are simply about your reunion with Self.

Each one of us, individually, is in our transition. The waves of light has brought us back into a certain energetic flow, what the Pleaidians call a “reunion flow.” It holds the frequency of light for reconnection and reunion. Like a strong current in a river that is taking us back to that reconnection, that reunion with Self. The energies of these huge waves of light that started on the planet the 29th of October if you look at those waves they come in and move us in that flow and take us deeply and quickly to our point of repositioning of ourselves.  

These waves of light opened up the energy and the frequency of Oneness; Oneness to return back to sacred union with Self. This is reunion. Each one of you has your reunion frequency that is held within your crystalline structure. We will be moving into deeper levels of this frequency as these waves release more levels of that reunion frequency to enable you to move and be repositioned in relationship to your sacred nature. And to anchor that energy and align that energy through the heart with your crystalline structure.

It’s your crystalline structure that houses that essence of Self, that frequency of your light. It has the capacity to anchor and strengthen through a series of heart activations that we have doing together (Broadcast/AwakeningZone). We are activating the heart and crystalline structure to a whole new dimensional levels to house this reunion energy. All you need to do is let go, with a hearts desire to move towards Oneness with Self.

Remember the vision that the Pleiadians have always givien us of letting go.

And I think this is very powerful. They give a picture of hanging on to a branch of a tree, tight! And just below you is this river of light that is flowing. All you have to do to let go is just open your fingers. It is that simple. Just with softness you open the fingers.

You fall then into that river of light, your river of light are carried and held within that river, bathed in that light and moved into your natural pure unique flow to your reunion.

This is the action of the energy of letting go. If you have your thumbs and index fingers connecting the letting go energy is simply this, naturally gently the index finger and thumb just move and open. No energy, no intensity. Simply coming apart. The fingers open, the hands open and you are carried by your own flow.

This will be our one focus between now and the end of the year. This is the focus of the spiritual realms, the Pleaidians, the Lemurians, the Galactic energies to support us in reunion.

To simply breath and let go.

I hold that platform, that energy for each one of you. I hold the mirror, the reflection of that essence, that energy to each one of you between now and the end of the year.

Holding you in the love and the truth of that reflection.

I support you in letting go in each moment that you can. Not perfectly, not striving, not struggling, Being. Remember you are a human being, you will have moments of holding on and moments of letting go. Remember that every moment that you let go every cell in your body transforms and that is accumulative.

Keep remembering the letting go energy that when you choose to let go, you let go of the branch of the tree just by opening the fingers and the hands, and then you fall very gently to the river just below you that carries you. You begin to be bathed in that river of light and carried and held in that flow of your current.

There is no reason to hold on anymore. Cause when you truly move into that flow there is nothing you have try to do or  make happen. The flow moves you where you need to be moved, the doors open and you flow through. You are not going to struggle, or try and work things out. You are going to trust your sacred flow to move your and place you where you need to be moment by moment and you are going to accept and allow whatever is before you and breathe and keep letting go. Allowing it to unfold.

And you may find yourself in a very new space. Like I am in a very unfamiliar space but you know what? I don’t care. I am being. I am not trying to work it out, just being held and being in that as every cell in my body is transforming physically and energetically, my whole system is transforming.

It is enough already of holding on, we’ve done that for lifetimes. Now we do it differently by letting go. And we have these incredible waves of light that are designed specifically for those who are willing to let go and move with their heart center and not struggle or try to fight against those waves of light with the ego mind. Enough of the resistance and worrying and trying to work it out, just allow the sacred aspect of your flow to move you, to hold you.

So Be It!

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Pleiadian Enlightenment Academy is going strong. Come join in the amazing energy!

IT IS WITH GREAT JOY THAT I HAVE BEEN able to channel through this sacred work from the Pleiadians. They have opened up an exciting opportunity for us to receive the very first program in a series of unique Courses that they wish to teach us.
The first Course comprises a program, or series, of Light Initiations called Language of Light.
I am privileged to be working with the Pleiadians, and invite you to join me in this wonderful adventure of discovery of Self.  I refer to it as an adventure because I believe that the single most important journey that we are to make in this lifetime is the re-discovery of our Selves; this journey of the re-alignment back to our natural spiritual natures.
I personally, look forward to working with all of you that feel called to open up, to take your next step forward, and to say yes to participating in this transformative Course.
For more information on the Language of Light Initiations Course, please click on the link in the left hand column.   Price: $295.00.
In the meantime, I invite you to read the following personal message from the Pleiadians that explains more about the purpose of this Academy and the Courses they intend to teach here.
Message from the Pleiadians
Dear Ones, we greet you with love and appreciation for all that you are in this moment. This “Language of Light” work has been brought forth at this time to enable those of you who feel called to do so to take giant steps toward your own enlightenment process.We have crafted energies that will support you in being able to move back into a place of re-alignment to the Self, and remembrance of your place within the Universal Consciousness.
The time has come for many of you to reconnect to this aspect of your Self, so that you can navigate your place within the Collective. As you make your way back towards Self, you undergo a transformation that enables you to hold an “energetic platform”—an energetic mirror, as it were—for others to meet that aspect of themselves. In this manner, you enable many other humans to follow in your footsteps. This is part of your mission here, it is what you came here to do, and now is the time for this unfoldment.
We have many tools that will enable you to awaken to your Self. This Course is specifically designed to facilitate and accelerate this process. Our mission is simply to assist you when you call upon us, to adjust your energies, to aid you throughout your integration processes, and to support you in aligning back to your original design. 
Our role is to provide you with the tools, and to open up specific energetic dimensional spaces that afford you the opportunity to move forward and awaken on different levels. We hold a loving space in which to birth yourself.
Know that the energetic grids we have set in this program contain an in-built support system that enables the spiritual realms— the Angels, Light Beings, Masters, and other light energies to come forth when called upon. The dimensional energies we set enable the spiritual realms to work with you in a unique way, supporting you in the most appropriate and beneficial manner, according to your individual needs as they arise.
We rejoice in your birthing and remembrance of yourself as spiritual beings, and we hold each one of you in your humanness as you take this next step; a journey that is designed not only to move you back into conscious remembrance, but also to provide you with a direct experience of your Spiritual essence.  We honor you in your humanness and hold you with love as you embark on this important journey back towards Self.
The Pleiadians
To watch an introductory video about the Pleidian Enlightement Academy
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