Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Pleiadians talk about Fear


The Pleiadians encourage us to remember that fear is one of the greatest illusions within our 3rd dimensional planet.

The Pleiadians want to support you in taking action and moving forward on your path even when fear may be walking beside you on the way. Their recommendations are below:

 *Notice when ‘fear’ is present when you are facing a decision or must take action.

 *Acknowledge that fear is just a feeling. It cannot hurt you.

 *Know that whether you take the step or not, your fear will still be there.

 *Use the fear as an indicator an indicator of the importance of the action; the bigger the fear the more  significant the step that you are taking is.

 *Reprogram your response to fear by changing your internal reaction from seeing fear as a red light that tells you to “stop” your movement, to seeing fear as being a green light, and a signal for you to “go” forward.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Pleiadians on Aligning with Your Sacred Heart Space

According to the Pleiadians Your Sacred heart space is your whole chest area.  To align with your Sacred Heart you must simply practice letting go and allowing the birthing process to bring you into the Sacred Heart space. 

Aligning with your Sacred Heart space:

Place both hands flat on your chest. Feel the warmth and pressure of your hands on your chest and bring your conscious awareness there. 

Take a conscious breath and let it go into the space you are holding your hands to. Through your conscious breath you can allow yourself to feel the opening up of your Sacred Heart space. Continue to let go and use your conscious breath to assist you in entering deeper and deeper into this space.

Work with this process daily, gradually expanding and building into the opening of your Sacred Heart space.  Each time you do this you are consciously aligning to your Sacred Heart connection, which is 4th/5th/6th dimensional, and moving away from your 3rd dimensional ego mind.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to use Conscious Breath

The Pleiadians have shared information about how to use your breath consciously to support you in your daily life and to help you open up to receive from the Universe.

How to use Conscious Breath:

*Conscious Breathing is done in and out through the mouth. You take a breath in through your opened mouth and then allow it to flow out through your mouth without trying to control it. Just allow the breath to 'drop away.'

*It's okay to make sounds as you are letting go of the breath, such as, "aaaaaahh," or sighing sounds.

* The Conscious Breath says, “Yes, I am willing to let go. Yes, I am willing to receive my light.”

*Practicing Conscious Breath allows you to begin to consciously birth your self, breath by breath. Use Conscious Breath once an hour during the course of your day.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pleiadian Tools and Steps for Daily Living

“Pleiadian Tools and Steps for Daily Living”  is a booklet I wanted to make available to you, free of charge. It contains a series of tools and steps for living that would support you in your unfolding process of living day to day at this time. The Pleiadians bring us a number of Steps, and Tools to go with each step, to assist you in moving forward on your unique path. 

It is given with love and appreciation for all that you are in this moment. 
Much love and blessings, 

Christine and the Pleiadians

An excerpt from Pleiadian Tools and Steps for Daily Living:

As we move deeper into the transition that is taking place on planet Earth, the Pleiadians say that the time has now come for us to start mastering the energetic tools that will enable us to consciously complete our awakening and self-healing process in preparation for 12-12-12 and beyond.

The new frequencies of light and sound that are now bathing the planet are awakening us to the remembrance of and reconnection with our true Selves. One of the key messages from the Pleiadians is that we must accept our humanness, and open to honoring ourselves for being here on this earth plane at this time. To come to an understanding that as human beings we are ‘perfectly imperfect’ and we have come here to make mistakes in order to learn.

In this ‘new dawning’ time we are meant to build a new relationship with our human aspect, holding ourselves with love and compassion for all our experiences and for having the courage to be here on this earth plane at this time.

By accepting our human aspects we can then take another step towards our connection with our Higher Nature. Embracing our humanness creates a more conscious connection to the support of the universal energies. This will allow us to more easily navigate our way through this important transition taking place, from a 3rd dimensional to a 4th 5th dimensional existence.

The Pleiadians offer these tools to guide you through this transition with ease and grace, to bring you to a new level of love and understanding of Self, and to accelerate your self-birthing into these new energies. The more you have an understanding and clarity of this time, the more you can step forward consciously into your enlightenment process.

The “Pleiadian Tools and Steps for Daily Living” Booklet is available to download, for FREE, by following the link below: