Thursday, December 27, 2012

Healing the Heart Part 1

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With this new dawning energy on our planet, we are being moved from a third dimensional planet to a fourth/fifth dimensional planet. Our ego mind is totally third dimensionally based and our hearts connect us fully into our fourth/fifth dimensional experience and alignment to Self.

It’s important to build a new relationship with your heart. Your ego mind has been your guide, controlling your every action. The ego mind is incredibly limited; it is programmed to keep you in survival mode, meaning your motivation is through fear, lack, and struggle—totally connected to the illusion of third dimensional reality. 

As our third dimensional world is slowly being replaced by a fourth/fifth dimensional energy it is possible for you to begin a new relationship with your heart through conscious choice. Your heart holds a unique divine frequency, as you develop this new relationship with your heart; this frequency of your Self can begin to transmit out into the Universe. 

Through your heart, you will begin to align to the guidance of your Self. Your heart connection opens you into your natural flow, which connects you to the Universal Consciousness. You begin to anchor your place there.  You can trust your heart, because it’s directly connected to the Self.  As you connect to your heart, you begin to re-align to your Self. The action of bringing your conscious awareness to your heart through conscious choice is taking back your power. Consciously choosing to awaken in that moment!

Aligning to the heart in the moment allows you to access another dimensional aspect of yourself. You are taken out of the third dimensional drama and into a forth/fifth dimensional perspective of the situation. You witness the drama without being a part of the drama, and become more alive and more connected to the truth.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pleidian Broadcast 2012

Christine and Alisa
We started the year with a group of four broadcasts close together. You worked with these broadcasts, which were specifically designed to assist you energetically in opening up and building a base for you to be able to align to the new energies coming onto the planet. 

In the final two Broadcasts of the year, we shared the final preparations for you to be able to fully receive and utilize the ‘Illumination Waves’ coming on to the planet on 12-12-12. 

Remember – there are many levels of these teachings and tools from the Pleiadians and Lumerians to work with within each of these broadcasts. 

You can continue to utilize this material leading up to and then well after 12/12/12 to assist you to fully align with the Illumination Waves. Send all comments and queries to our attention at: 

You can access it in our Pleiadian Broadcast archives

Friday, December 7, 2012

A Loving Message from the Pleiadians

Beloved Ones, 

We greet you at this most important time. 

We hold many dimensional anchors for your planet at this time, as it is essential to support each one of you at this transitional time. Those of you who are awake will consciously open into the dynamic flow of these Illumination Waves, and we support your transition by creating a series of portals for each one of you to re-align with Self. 

You have your journey in front of you, and all is in hand. It is essential to let go of all expectations and just BE as you allow your self to be moved and re-anchored into a new dimensional reality. 

We honor this next step and all that you are in this moment. 

The Pleiadians