Thursday, June 30, 2011

Receiving and Realigning with Transformative Energies, Part 1

I bring bringing greetings from the Pleiadians. There is a lot of incredible light coming through me and my heart is very touched by the beauty and love I feel coming from the Pleiadians, and this is very endearing to my heart. They and I want to acknowledge you for being here, for bringing yourselves here consciously to receive this transformative energy that is so important for this time knowing we are going through a tremendous shift on the planet.

We know the dimensional shifts have already begun but there is acceleration right now. A lot of the energies from the solar flares are creating another level of dimensional shifting on our planet, and in us. So we come here to help you really ready yourself to open up to receive and to be realigned.

We are all being held with so much love through this time of transformation—deep personal transformation along with deep dimensional shifting of our earth. We are being held with love and gratitude. Our courage is being acknowledged. You are being asked to open up and allow yourself to claim who you are in this transition. 

This is about you claiming yourself, rebirthing yourself and being willing to consciously align yourself to the dimensional shifts. It’s about you being willing to consciously align with the loving force of the Spiritual realms that are here for each one of you and the work that you must do now and in the coming days. It’s about you opening up consciously and saying YES to the support that is here for you as you embrace the role that you are playing now on this earth plane as a human being—saying YES consciously to all human beings as extensions of your heart. It’s about moving forward and transforming in this time with so much love.

You are being held by this love, but you are being asked to also hold this love in your heart for all human beings on the earth plane at this time.

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  1. Thank you so much for this information. began receiving impulses about 2 yrs ago to learn/seek more about Pleiadians. A guide also came to help me,nudging me forward,reminding me of what home really is,leading me to more info. tk u again!