Thursday, July 7, 2011

Receiving and Realigning with Transformative Energies, Part 2

What you do for yourself you do for each person around you and each person on this planet. There is no separation. There is so much love being held for you, and we are being asked to open to a whole new level of consciousness in life, right now—a daily conscious connection to Spirit-Calling-Spirit forward, asking what it is you need to receive in your life, now, for your next step.  If you do not understand your next steps then ask for the clarity to be given to you, allow yourself to wait for the door to be opened, and then walk through.  

You are being asked to choose conscious living—conscious coexistence here on this earth plane. For Spirit this isn't just about human beings, it's also about natural forces and opening up to receive the new energies that these natural forces are bringing to each one of us for our own healing and resurrection.  Bring your sacred heart out to these natural forces and allow yourself to be held and healed along with the natural forces.  Consciously say YES to the next step even if you don’t understand what that next step is, because as a human you aren’t always going to know the truth. Allow the light of the Spiritual Self to take you forward. As your own rhythm of light blends with the rhythm of the greatriver of light, you will be able to flow and move you effortlessly to where you need to go next.

The ego mind is going through transformation at this time also, and there is a time where the ego mind and the heart will come together and align. The ego mind will relinquish it’s control of the illusion here on this plane. That time is coming. It is important to understand the greater truth than what "appears" to be here, the illusion that is around all of us on this earth plane right now. We must open up to the simplicity and the flow of our hearts and allow ourselves to begin to take conscious steps back towards our true selves. This includes accepting ourselves in our human element, in our humanness, and honoring the journey we take with ourselves, holding ourselves with love and compassion. 

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