Thursday, June 2, 2011


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NOTES: Connect with your Sacred Heart. Breathe, and hold your heart, allowing your consciousness to open up to and fully embrace your heart. Your heart is your receiving tool.
“My heart is my receiving tool. It is through my heart that I can begin to activate my natural abundance, my financial abundance.”
Keep breathing. Don’t try to do anything, just remain still, feeling your heart, claiming that part of you. Open to your natural abundance. It is like a golden river of light. Allow the current to take you to what is naturally yours. Allow it to open the doors that need to be opened. Through your heart you will receive the information, energy and connection to your natural abundance, your birthright, on all levels.. You have a right to this, and you can open up to and claim it in this moment of time. Claim this flow, not with intensity. It is as natural as the sun rising over the horizon. It is your sun, rising through your heart. Those rays of light of go out into the world, announcing the activation and your receiving of your abundance. Your unique signature of light announces to the universe your activation of your natural abundance for yourself. Continue using the conscious breath and continue saying “yes.”
Let go of any struggle, tiredness, worry, anxiety, fear and striving that restricts your heart. Your heart needs to open into this flow, to be in a state of receivership. Open your heart like a big transmitter that opens up and attracts the flow of abundance into yourself. It must come through the heart. Take a breath and let go, receiving the flow of abundance. Let your heart expand like a glorious, radiant sun. You can trust this, opening up your heart, radiating outwards and receiving back. It is time to come home to the heart. It is through the heart, this state of receiving that all blessings and all life flow.  Allow the flow, the natural rhythm of your unique signature to flow out into the universe, claiming yourself, claiming your birthright.
Align yourself through your day. Open up to what you need in this moment. Claim this moment as yours through your Sacred Heart. When you claim this moment, the energy of the heart begins to expand dimensionally. You become multi-dimensional energy in the moment through your Sacred Heart. Breathe and allow this moment to live. Allow a multi-dimensional birthing to take place through your Sacred Heart, bringing in your heart’s desire not for any other human being but for yourself. Everyone has their own abundance. The universe is supporting you in activating yours. You bring in your abundance and begin activation it now in a state of receivership. The multidimensional shift now taking place on this earth plane is supporting you in entering into a state of receivership. Claim your moment now. And as you claim yourself and all that is rightfully yours in this moment, know that the cells in your sacred heart are also beginning to activate on another level.
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