Thursday, June 9, 2011

Message from the Pleiadians about Earth Changes, Part 1

Changes have begun and we are being asked to support that . . .

A crack has opened and it is like a brilliant light shining through in the smallest possible way. But with each earthquake the opening becomes larger until it will be all over the Earth, and there will be a total transformation that is going to create a lot of upheaval and havoc. Understand that this is going to promote transformation in human beings because they are going to be affected by the energetic shifting on an emotional level through their personal states and mental states, as well

It’s going to be a shifting in perceptions, and people are going to see it as something is going wrong,. They may wonder if they are going crazyrather than see that they are coming into an awakening of consciousness. It’s going to be gradual but with each earthquake it’s incredible. The shifting may be more subtle but nothing is too gradual. Every degree of change is going to create a huge shift on some level . . .

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