Thursday, June 16, 2011

Message from the Pleiadians about Earth Changes, Part 2

The Pleiadians are suggesting that you meet the Earth changes consciously and consciously work with the energies as they happen and as the shifts happen. We know that at every earthquake there is a dimensional shift, like a beam of light coming onto the earth. The earthquakes open us up to the dimensional shifts that are happening and they affect us every time.

The Pleiadians are calling it the New Dawning. They say WE are the New Dawning because the energy of the dimensional shifts is also birthing though our cells; there is a new ray of light going into our cells as well as onto the Earth, and we are birthing together with the Earth right now.

It is very gradual right now but the natural forces are starting to accelerate in their potency. We are being realigned to the natural forces so that we can come back into a state of receivership and integrate the changes on a whole new level. We have many tools and gifts coming to us through the integration of this New Dawning energy.

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