Thursday, June 23, 2011

Message from the Pleiadians about Earth Changes, Part 3

Part of the new consciousness is a new relationship and appreciation to natural forces.  Our hearts are connecting to the natural forces and to the elements of Spirit, as well as the Universal Consciousness. It is truly a beautiful orchestration and it is essential we work with it now. These shifts are going to accelerate and unless we learn how to work with each shift, when they do accelerate we wont be able to align in the way we need to.

The energies in big cities are going to become very intense, and they are going to increase in intensity with each shifting. This has to happen because these places are not in alignment with the new consciousness. Whatever isn’t in the new alignment is going to vibrate more and become more intense for a while.

Everyone is responsible for themselves. You need to understand that people can awaken in a moment, in a second. As for us (the Pleiadians), we are part of the "way-showers." We are doing a lot of the work, and because we are doing the work, the path will be made much easier for many thousands of people, hundred’s of thousands of people. We have committed to do that as part of our pre-agreement. We have come here to do this and so have you.  If you choose not do your work those who need your assistance will receive it though someone else. That is how it works.

But you will do the work because that is what you said you would do. That is your pre-agreement. Through all of this process it is important that we do not carry any burdens that are not ours. Everyone is responsible for him or herself through these shifting times. We are truly answerable for ourselves during this time of new alignment. 

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