Thursday, May 26, 2011


I love sharing the message and love of the Pleiadians.  To this end I have released a free download for all to enjoy.  
Much love,
Christine Day
To listen to this free audio transmission click on the link below. 
Be sure to read the text before listening to the audio file.
NOTES: Bring your consciousness to your hands at your heart. Take a breath in and out through the mouth. This form of breath work says “Yes, I am willing to let go. I am ready to receive the light.”
Now, bring all your attention to this moment, and anchor yourself in the Sacred Heart. Remember, your Sacred Heart aligns you to your intuition and your own energetic flow. This is your anchored place which you can move back towards and stay as you begin to expand into this energetic field.
Bring your attention just out from your body, and let the energies move out through your energetic field. Your energetic field will soak it up like a sponge soaking up water. Use your conscious breath, bringing your awareness to the energy around you. Take in the brilliance that creates fluidity within your energetic field. Your energy begins to flow and expand. Allow your consciousness to go with your energetic field as it begins to transform, brilliant and fluid. And now allow your own sound to become part of this. Breathe, and open yourself up to the flow. You may get the sense that patterns of light are expanding and moving through your energetic field. Just allow yourself to flow with these patterns.
Now you can begin to let go even more completely as each cell and each transmitter begins to respond to the flow. The transmitter is beginning to pulse like a heartbeat of light. Allow the energy in your energetic body to flow to a whole new level of fluidity. As you let go, the transmitter in each cell is letting go in this moment of time. There is nothing else that exists in this moment. Allow yourself to open up to this changing energy; this fluid brilliance. Bring your consciousness back to your folded hands at your chest. The cells in your heart are aligning to the fluidity and brilliance in your energetic field, to your essence. Every cell in your body is beginning to pulse at another level with this heartbeat of light. Breathe and integrate this transforming energy. This fluidity is helping the dense energies to move out of your body. They cannot stay solid in this dimensional energy that you are aligning yourself to. All the old third-dimensional stuff that you have been holding just melts away, releasing the burdens that you have been carrying and dissolving them. This is about a conscious alignment to a new dimensional energy on this earth plane. Claim your place here in this moment of time.
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