Thursday, December 22, 2011

Module 2 of The "Language of Light Initiations" Program coming soon!

Owing to the unique frequencies that are hitting the planet right now in the wake of 11-11-11, the Pleiadians advise that the launch of Module 2 of the Language of Light Initiations Program should not occur until after January 1st.

Language of Light Initiations
Each individual Module in this unique home study Program provided by the Pleiadians is designed to be studied over a period of four months. comprises a series of Light Initiations called LANGUAGE OF LIGHT.  Module 1 is available to new students, Module 2 will become available after January 1st to all students who have completed Module 1.

One of the advantages of this Course is that it is delivered Online, which means that you're not tied to a specific commencement date, and can simply register and start taking the Classes at any time. We're getting great feedback. So why not check it out and see whether it resonates with you!

To watch a short introductory video about the Language of Light Initiations Program and the Pleiadian Enlightenment Academy, CLICK HERE.

For more information and details of how to register for Module 1—Language of Light Initiations CLICK HERE.  

If you're interested in registering for Module 2, check the website for an announcement after Jan 1.

I do hope you will take the time to check it out and determine whether this brand new Program of Pleiadian teachings resonates with you.

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