Friday, December 2, 2011

Remembering to Breathe

Hold yourself in love and forgiveness. Breathe through the cells of your heart, allowing the innocence and the purity to come back into your heart as you honor yourself and every step of the journey that you have taken in this lifetime. It took courage to be here on this earth plane, courage to take every step, to experience every experience.

Honor every experience whether you are the victim or the perpetrator. Choose to hold every aspect of your experience with love and compassion. Breathe into your heart that has felt so deeply—deep joy, pain, grief, shame, guilt. Honor the struggle, the misunderstanding, the confusion and all of the other aspects of humanness you chose to come here and have. 

Breathe in through your heart all of the colorful aspects of your experience, all the glorious moments of feeling, allowing each cell to fully bloom in the light of the sun of the Self.  Let each cell be resurrected in the human experience. Breathe and let go as you anchor this energy into your place in the Universal Consciousness.  

And so it is.

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