Monday, November 7, 2011

Important Information From the Pleiadians About Preparing for the 11/11/11


The Pleiadians were showing me this morning the energy of 11-11-11 that is coming soon. They gave me a picture and some information that I want to share with you.

It’s as if all of us are in this huge wide river, maybe one mile wide with a strong, smooth current. We are all in this current, there is no moving away from this current, there is no climbing out of this river. We’re in this current that is being led to this huge whirlpool of light and we will reach the whirlpool of light on 11-11-11.

We are all lining up energetically, through our cells, as we are being taken through this current. It is almost like what they call a slipstream and we move in that slipstream together, moving closer and closer to this whirlpool and towards what they call our destiny at this time.

Each one of you is being asked to align to your place within this river, within this flow. Each one of you in your own way needs to find the energetic connection of where you are in this stream and consciously open up to being in this flow heading towards the whirl pool.

The conscious connection in this is very important. It’s about conscious participation in feeling the alignment, being fully aware of how you are being aligned and drawn into the new dimensional energy that is birthing on our planet on 11-11-11, recognizing that we are all a part of this.

It is up to each one of you—it’s your responsibility, your choice how aligned you choose to be as you link up to your place. It’s your responsibility to acknowledge what is taking place within you energetically. The more conscious and aligned you choose to be, the more consciously you’ll play your role in this energetic transformation and new dawning energy.

You can even bring your consciousness forward (because there is no time) to the whirlpool of light that we are heading into. We are going into this shift at one minute past midnight on 11-11-11. It is at this time that we move into the whirlpool.

Because there is no time in reality you can locate yourself within the slipstream and then you can locate and align to that energy that you are moving towards.

Open to the essence, the outside essence of the whirlpool that is available, as this will assist you in being able to utilize all the multidimensional energies of light that will be available to us on 11-11-11.

I hold the space for each one of you to locate you self energetically and to consciously participate in your journey between now and 11-11-11.


The whirlpool of light is the visual I have shared but it is in fact a dimensional doorway that we are going to be moved into. In the way a whirlpool would bring you into its center and hold you there this whirlpool creates a new birthing of consciousness.

You have an opportunity, with the veils lifting, to move into a new way of being with yourself, a new alignment to your own essence of Spirit. At the same time you’ll bring the essence of your unique divine self to a collective consciousness experience. This will activate a remembering, a reunion and realignment to the God consciousness, which we are all a part of. So it is the multidimensional movement and actions through the whirlpool that will move you where you can be held within that collective energy, opening up new doorways of experience.


Within the whirlpool there are unique frequencies that are being transmitted out to each one of you. You’ll receive your own unique frequency. And this unique frequency that is being sent out through the whirlpool is to bring you into the flow and align you into the whirlpool of light.

Whether you are aware of it or not there is a part of you that is hearing the call and aligning yourself to through flow towards this frequency of sound. You are being asked allow yourself to open up consciously to the energy of this frequency of the sound however it appears. Each frequency of sound is a creation of a pattern of energetic forms, so it may be that you’ll experience the pattern of the frequency of the sound rather than the sound itself, that’s okay. But you are being asked to bring your consciousness into the flow and to align to the pattern or frequency of the sound. It’s supportive for you to consciously align because it brings you into another level of participation, of meeting yourself here.

Recognizing your pattern or frequency of sound before 11-11-11 will allow you to much more easily flow into your unique pathway within the whirlpool energy on that day. Understand that the whirlpool contains the unique pathways of light for each one of  you to align to, link into and move with on that day. Your pathway of light holds your unique frequency or the pattern that you can align to and recognize ahead of time.

Everyone has their own unique frequency, which they respond to whether they are conscious of it in the 3rd dimensional world or not.  The energetic aspect of yourself recognizes it and responds to it. You’ll respond to the sound and try to align to it, or you may experience the pattern or frequency of your sound, and that’s okay too. You are already aligned to it energetically but you are asked to do this consciously, as well.

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