Thursday, November 24, 2011

LIVE Pleiadian Transmission from Las Vegas

ON THE LAST SUNDAY OF EVERY SECOND month, Christine presents a free live one-and-a-half-hour awakening experience show that is broadcast over the Internet.  The show is filmed and broadcast live from a venue in Las Vegas.
Each show consists of a discussion of daily living skills with channelled information and light energies being transmitted throughout the program.
There are two individual energetic transmissions during the show. Both of these transmissions will assist in aligning you to opening up to new aspects of your own Light Self. This will help you to anchor this energy into the cells of your body, thereby activating a self healing process. There will also be an opportunity for the live audience to ask questions on the processes presented throughout the show.
The next LIVE Pleiadian Transmission will be broadcast from Las Vegas on Sunday, November 27th from 10:00-11:30AM-PDT. 
If you happen to be in Las Vegas when the show is being broadcast, you are welcome to join us as a member of our studio audience.  Or you can watch the show from your home anywhere in the world via your computer. To tune into this LIVE go to the homepage around 15 mins before the show ( and click the ON AIR button. Your Windows Media Player will automatically open and you may then enjoy the program.
Previous shows from 2009 and 2010 are still available for purchase as digital downloads from our Online Store.  A few of these shows are also available in DVD format and can be mailed to you on purchase.
SPECIAL NOTE:  As of 2011 all Pleiadian Broadcasts are now  free to view.  Previous years' broadcasts are still available for purchase as digital downloads from our Online Store.

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