Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mark your calendar for the Special 2012 series of Pleiadian Broadcasts

2012 is a pivotal year in the history of humankind. In order to prepare you for the energies that will be coming on to the planet between 12-12-12 and 12-21-12, Christine and the Pleiadians will be offering a special series of Pleiadian Broadcasts that will incorporate a number of very powerful and specific healing frequencies.

For this reason the Broadcast Schedule for 2012 will be somewhat different, so please make a note of the following broadcasts dates:

April 29th, May 27th, July 1st, July 29th, Oct 28th and November 25th.

If you are anywhere near Las Vegas on these dates, we invite you to join our live studio audience. If you cannot be present in person, see below for details of how to watch the show at home. 

Christine Day 
The Venue: La Quinta Inn and Suites, Paradise Road, Las Vegas.  The studio opens at 9:30 am on SUNDAY (Pleiadian Broadcast commences at 10:00am).

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