Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Loving Message from the Pleiadians

Beloved Ones,

You are about to move into a new light frequency as the energetic flow of the year 2012 becomes manifest on your planet. This energetic flow opens up to you another level of the 11/11/11 energies as you willingly claim this next level of your frequency of light. You need to consciously open up to these new energies as the year 2012 anchors on your planet. As you consciously align you are enabled to turn a corner, opening to another dimensional aspect of your life force, and to these opportunities of awakening.

This alignment adjusts your focus/consciousness into another dimensional flow. It moves you from one state of being into another experience of being. It’s as though you are looking at a picture one way, and then suddenly see the picture very differentl. This brings you a completely different perspective of you and your world. There is an instantaneous shift within you, a divine re-connection that takes place as you open up to a natural connection for reunion and re-alignment.

Open up to the Spiritual realms, and to us for support as you move with this transition; our role is to assist you with these adjustments.


The Pleiadians

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