Friday, April 25, 2014

Message for the April 21st Pleiadian Tools for Self Realization

The 4th show in the 6 show series will have you moving through a strong birthing process as you are reconnected to expanded aspects of your sacred flow. In the last 3 shows you have been realigned dimensionally to an expanded moment/ worked within the birthing chambers reconnecting to aspects of your sacred self through your heart/ and been realigned to an expanded dimensional birthing within the moment, learning how to expand and utilize your sacred aspect within that sacred space. Today you will learn to utilize this dimensional connections while aligning to the flow contained within this space.

This is the 4th show of a series of 6 shows that is designed to run over the next 3 months designed to prepare you for what the Pleiadians are calling ‘the great shift’ which the Pleiadians are predicting to begin around June 16th.

This series of 6 shows are designed in supporting you in taking new steps aligning dimensional to aspects of your sacred nature and the Pleiadians bring tools to enable each one of you to accelerate a reconnection to aspects of Self. this is empowering because it gives you a way to directly access states being able to navigate yourself through this time energetically as well as supporting your through your own ability to integrate the  physical transformations taking place within the cells of your body.

I would recommend that you listen to the audio files in the Archives of the 1st and 2nd  and 3rd shows of this series before you work with this 4th show. Each show is complete in itself energetically or you can build on each show.

I hope you have been working with the  Feb 23rd Pleiadian Broadcast, there are an unlimited amount of dimensional levels that you can work with, within this broadcast. You will find the broadcast on the front page of my website, and it is designed to be a big support in aligning you into these new multi-dimensional aspects that are coming onto the planet this month /March, April and some of May. By working with the Pleiadian tools you will be able to stabilize and move more easily with these new aspects that have begun to birth on the planet.

This broadcast is designed to  support you to work within these light tools, so that you can more easily align to this changing dimensional flow, it’s going to allow you to be taken within the flow, giving you more fluidity within your system to cope with the powerful aspects that will be building over the coming months, this can support you on a day to day basis in your life. The broadcasts this year are designed to present to you important tools to assist you in your transformation during this ongoing intensification of the birthing of our planet and our physical cells.

The Feb Pleiadian Broadcast is designed energetically for you to work through levels of the energies from late Feb to the end of May. The next Pleiadian Broadcast will be the last Sunday in May. The Pleiadian broadcast in May will be another stepping stone, designed to be  complimentary to this series of 6 shows. These video broadcast and series of 6 shows on AZ are all leading you to being able to fully utilize this opportunity of the ‘ great shift’ taking place on the planet around the 16th June.

I know that each one of us is living an accelerated pace as these new dimensional energies are anchoring on the planet. It is absolutely a very challenging time on just about every level as we go through this powerful rebirthing process within the cells of our body and at the same time the earth plane is going through a similar dimensional birthing process.

I do know through this rapid transformation I am in a deep joyful place despite the 3rd dimensional daily challenges. I am being asked to make continual adjustments within myself, as life as I know it transforms in front of me. That which was once familiar is no longer and I continue to let go and trust knowing that all is in hand. The 3rd dimensional illusion is very strong right now, nothing appears as it really is, let go and trust and connect into your heart center aligning you into truth, so that you can remain centered amongst any 3rd dimensional drama.

I hold this truth as I align to my heart, there is really nothing that I need right in this moment of time, I have everything that I need right in this moment! Living moment to moment is what we are being asked to do, not looking forward but just staying right now in the moment connected to your own sacred heart, just being!

There are lots of challenges right now in front of us on a 3rd dimensional level and it seems to me that there is a magnification of these aspects going on. I cant remember a time like this filled with intensity, its like wading through mud sometimes on a 3rd dimensional basis!

I remind myself to not push the water right now, we need to just witness, accept what   we have no control of and just, trust and let go.

The most important thing to remember with this upswing in the dimensional settings is to just breath and align moment to moment. Don’t jump ahead of yourself and just meet what is right in front of you, try not to project what is coming and worrying, this is the ego mind which will create a cycle of fear and struggle. Hold yourself within your heart center and just trust each moment and allow the unfolding to be witnessed by you. As you feel moved in one direction or another, just do and move and flow.

It is imperative that you don’t go ahead of yourself, and just be in the moment being willing to just Be.

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  1. All the shows were super powerful ! Love to work it ! Thank you so much Christine!