Friday, May 9, 2014

Christine Day's Galactic Series begins this month!

Christine Day
Join Christine Day on May 20th as the first of the series of live webinar begins! She has been given specific step-by-step channeled information from the Pleiadians on how to erect a series of dimensional Portals.
She has been moving through a sequence of energetic initiations to enable her to create these Portals. This next step is designed to bring her ‘off planet’ and into a direct pure communication and alignment with the Galactic energies.
The Portals themselves are designed to bring in 6th/7th /8th dimensional connections which allows for an expanded high frequency communion with the Galactic energies. This has not been possible to access before this time.
Christine will be transmitting Awakening Codes and bringing in the latest information and understandings for the planet. You will receive Sacred pattern downloads and work within Sacred geometrical forms which will realign you and birth you into new aspects of Self. 
As part of her mission, Christine will be holding energetic platforms for these amazingly powerful and empowering energies to work within you.
DATES: MAY 20TH, JUNE 17TH, JULY 15TH, SEPTEMBER 23RD, OCTOBER 21ST,  and NOVEMBER 18TH at 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. PST
Sign up in the store now! You can sign up for all six or you can sign up for individual sessions.

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