Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Message from The Pleiadians

Beloved ones we greet you,

Watch for the sunrise, knowing that it will rise each morning no matter what else is taking place in your life. The brilliance of the sun carries the resurrection energy that is birthing onto your planet through the new dimensional anchoring. This resurrection energy activates through your cells, making it possible for you to be moved into reconnections within your sacred self.

There is much for you to open up to at this powerful time on your earth plane. The dimensional anchoring is accelerating and this is creating a strong magnetic shift once more within the rotation point of the earth.

This powerful magnetic shift that is taking place is magnifying the 3rddimensional drama and also creating an accelerated birthing of 4th and 5thdimensional energy. This is creating the experience of everything familiar falling away. It’s as though you cannot navigate yourself easily within the earth plane at this time with these extreme energies holding you in an unknown, unfamiliar place.

There is a simple solution in dealing with this very challenging time. Just hold your heart center and ‘let go’. It is the time for you to move into an evolution within your own heart space, to choose a new way of the sacred heart, and just Be.

There is absolutely nothing else to be done at this time but to be committed through your own heart within the moment and remember the sun will rise each morning!
Ignore the ego mind who wants to make something happen, to force a result, wants to know, wants to understand….. The ego mind whines like a small child.

Do know that this magnification of energy is going to continue to build in intensity for the next few months so it is essential that you make these reconnections through your sacred heart and re-establish your sacred connections now in order to be able to stay centered during this time.

As you align to your sacred heart you will be able to utilize an awakening that will be taking place, it is called ‘the great shift’. This great shift is a series of veils lifting on your planet, these lifting veils open up, revealing Truth to those of you who are consciously aligned to the heart.

Behind these veils are the energies of ‘awakening from the dream’, like a curtain on a stage, truth is revealed and you begin to remember.

You have been living this ‘dream’ for lifetimes. Now is your time to remember.

The Pleiadians

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  1. Absolutely amazing and profoundly true. Now I finally understand what is happening. This message is just brilliant and unique in every way. Thank you so much Christine!