Friday, April 18, 2014

Christine Day's Galactic Series to begin soon!


The biggest and most exciting next step is the Galactic series beginning May 23rd  which is a series of 6 live Webinars that are to bring you into a direct alignment through this new communication Portal that I am being guided to build. There have been many Pleiadian ships around me up here, as I move deeper and deeper within the communication portal that is almost complete.  

I have already begun the next steps of aligning to the waves of levels within the Galactic portal, I am being prepared to be launched to different elevations of understanding and dimensional light flow within the portal.. aligned to the Galactic community and working closely with a Lemurian group that are in place to support my crystalline transformation. It seems as though I am energetically ready for these higher frequencies of the Portal and I feel an excitement almost an exhilaration/quickening within my cells at this next step. The Lemurians are committed to be present with anyone who will be working within the Portals during the Webinars in this amazing Galactic series that begins in May. I am excited to be taking my full place within this powerful within the Portal.

This series of webinars are very cutting edge and will propel you forward through you receiving powerful realignment energies as you learn how to work within the communication portal. You will be guided into aligning fully to the communication portal for your own transformation, and at the same time receive information as you open up into working directly through this communication portal. You can sign up for these series of 6 live webinars on my website.

The energies on the planet are building strongly now…….. what an amazing time for all us here on the planet.

I am so excited to play my part in these 6 webinars on May 20th, June 17th, July 15th, September 23rd, October 21st and November 18th, 2014.

To sign up for this powerful series of alignments visit the Christine Day Online Store. The cost for all six activation sessions is $99.

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