Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reaching Out and Honoring Our Humanness, Part 1

The Pleiadians wish to offer us all a stepping stone for a better life. They talk a lot about the mystery we have all been living in--the mystery about our spiritual natures and our human selves. But how do we make this step? how do we connect to our true spiritual natures and make our way back to the truth of ourselves? Honoring our humanness is the key.

In the past we had to, or thought we had to, push our human selves aside and somehow attempt to reach some sort of perfection as humans before we could even think of embracing our spiritual natures. But it is not necessary for us to achieve perfection to move forward spiritually.  We should embrace the fact that we are exactly what we are in our humanness, and that actually we are being honored for coming from the spiritual realms to have participate in the human experience.   

Unfortunately we tend to NOT honor it ourselves. We’ve come into such a state of self-condemnation that has been building over many lifetimes. Now the veils are truly lifting  so we can begin to see that what we truly need is to come to love of our  human imperfections and honor ourselves for being here. 

And this is done through our sacred heart.  It’s a very simple, clear step, and it makes a lot of sense. When we do start to embrace our spiritual natures through the sacred heart, instead of measuring our human perfection and finding ourselves wanting, we can then truly take our place in the ocean of Light that is the Universal Consciousness.

And we have so much support!  The Universal Consciousness is just waiting to receive us as we take our place within that ocean of Light.  As you align with your sacred heart you will naturally be much more conscious of, and can utilize the support of, the spiritual realms, the Pleiadians and the all energies in the universe.

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