Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reaching Out and Honoring Our Humanness, Part 2

One of our human traits is isolation, We isolate ourselves instead of reaching out for the support we need. We tend to believe it is not natural to reach out to receive, to expect the help, or to even feel that we deserve help.  This is part of the self-condemnation cycle, and it’s time for us to begin breaking these negative and self-limiting cycles of behavior.  When you begin to do this you are taking a very important and positive step forward.

If you feel any confusion you should ask questions, because understanding and clarity helps you move forward, whereas confusion stops you from taking the steps you need to take. So no matter how foolish your questions may seem or sound to you they are not foolish at all, because they will help you to achieve a state of clarity.  This is part of embracing our human imperfection. We don't know everything so we need to ask what we don't know. Clarity is power and the truth is always simple and very clear.

Keep reaching back into your human aspect and the rest will take care of itself if you will stay with this simple truth and not  get lost in the clutter of the 3rd dimension. Stay with the simple truth of your humanness and hold yourself in a state of forgiveness and love, but truly there is nothing that you need to forgive yourself for in order in order to move forward.

Start living the simple truth that your imperfect humanness is perfect and the rest will automatically unfold. And the truth will present itself naturally as one doorway opens,  and then another, and another after that as the truth is revealed to you in fullness and simplicity, bringing you back into a state of love for yourself. Then you are ready to start anchoring the truth and assimilating it into your energetic space.  Your hearts responds to this truth and this allows the heart to transform.

You are deeply loved, and you have struggled  far too long in fear, which blocks your heart from receiving all that it should.  So take yourself off the cross that you have placed yourself on and feel the truth of how natural it is to love yourself in your imperfect humanness.

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