Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Pleiadians and the New Dawning, Part 1

The Pleiadians are suggesting that you meet the coming energy shifts consciously, be conscious in your work, and work with the energies as these shifts happen. We know they are happening already. At every earthquake, there is a dimensional shift, like a beam of light coming onto the Earth from the earthquake that is opening up the energetic space. These dimensional shifts are happening and we are affected in some way by each and every event.

The Pleiadians are calling this series of energetic and dimensional shifts the New Dawning. They say we, ourselves, are also the New Dawning, because at the same time that the Earth is receiving this energy we are actually birthing the energy through our cells.  So we as humans are in a birthing process together with our mother Earth.

So far this process has been very gradual, but the natural forces are starting to accelerate in their potency and we are being realigned to the natural forces so that we can come back into a state of receiving a whole new level of integration from the natural forces. 

And part of the new consciousness is a developing a new relationship with and appreciation of the forces of nature. Another aspect is our hearts connecting to the elements of Spirit as well as the Universal Consciousness. It is truly a beautiful orchestration, and it is essential we begin to work with all these energies now because things are going to accelerate, and unless we learn how to work with each shift as it occurs, when the shifts accelerate we are going to find we are  not able to align the way we need to in order to experience the process as intended.

The energy shifts around big cities are going to get very intense. The intensity of the energy will have to rise because these places are not in alignment with the new consciousness. Whatever isn’t in the new alignment is going to vibrate more and get more intense for a while, until it comes into alignment.

As this process unfolds you must all take responsibility for yourselves and your own energy. You need to understand that people can awaken in a moment, in a second.  We who are already awakening are part of the way-showers. We are doing a lot of the energetic work, and because we are doing the work the path will be made much easier for the many thousands and hundreds of thousands of people to follow in our path. We have committed to do this as part of our pre-agreement, before we came here to this plane of existence. However, if you choose not do your work those who follow will receive it though someone else. That is how it works. But you will do the work because that is what you said you would do. That is your pre-agreement. 

It is also important that we do not carry any burdens that are not ours at this time. We can have empathy and compassion but we must all be responsible for ourselves through these shifting times. We have many tools and gifts coming to us through the integration of this New Dawning energy, and we must be truly answerable to ourselves as we receive and integrate this energy.

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