Thursday, July 28, 2011

Receiving and Realigning with Transformative Energies, Part 5

Imagine yourself in front of your own sacred altar, and lay out on this sacred altar all that you need for yourself.  And as you lay it out see it as a sacred prayer going outwards to the universe—a sacred prayer from you to the Universal Consciousness. The Universal Consciousness acknowledges your place and your right to receive as you lay out what it is that you need for yourself in this moment. And as you align to whatever you place on your altar you align to your place within this Universal Consciousness—within the oneness—and you acknowledge the oneness and your connection to all life force as a truth. 

As you meet all life on this planet you meet yourself. You need to open up to that truth, that as you meet all life force on this earth plane within this universe you meet yourself. You are bringing that energy out to all life as you do you bring it towards yourself, and as you align and place your things on this sacred altar you make your prayer—your statement of receivership through your heart—you claim that natural birth right, and you can claim it without being in perfection. 

The idea that you must be perfect has always been the lie here.  You do not have to be perfect in order to receive what it is that you need for yourself as your natural birth right. Just take a breath and allow this truth to sink into your heart. Receive this truth now in this moment of time. More now than any other time the veils are lifting and the truth is being revealed to us—to you. And the love is there as well as the appreciation for all parts of your journey up to this moment in time.  

You are appreciated and loved for everything that you have done—for all your acts—and you need to let go of the judgment that you carry inside yourself. Take a breath, and remember this as you look into the eyes of all human beings, of all life force throughout the universe. As you look into yourself, claim yourself, moment by moment, day by day. 

Live in this consciousness of which we speak. Live in the truth and you'll live these days gloriously conscious, taking responsibility for your all of your moments, the moments you are aligned and the moments you are not aligned. Remember you will be imperfect, because in humanness that is what happens. When this comes up for  you smile to yourself and then adjust yourself in that moment. Hold yourself in love at that moment. We hold you in gratitude and love. We hold you in your holiness and your wholeness, and we ask you to do the same with yourselves. So be it.

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