Thursday, August 18, 2011

Let Go of Guilt and Shame

As I have said before as humans we are perfectly imperfect, and this is as it should be.  We came here specifically for the experience of being a human being with all the imperfection that goes along with existing in humanness. You weren’t meant to be perfect that as human being. You were meant to come to learn through the human experience.  This is the truth so there should be no guilt or shame for being an imperfect human.  It is time to let go of those feelings of guilt and shame and replace them with feelings of love and compassion for yourself.

Just simply breathe into your sacred heart the simple basic truth that you were never meant to do everything perfectly, otherwise you would not have been able to learn anything in this existence here. Breathe into your heart the understanding that you were never meant to be perfect ever as a human being and that you are going to make mistakes, as it is your mission here on this planet.   

Like most of us, somewhere in your past the lie was given to you that you were supposed to be perfect and your "child self" believed the lie.  we were told often as children if only we could do it right we could be loved, but it isn’t possible to do it perfectly right as a human being. Now is the time to hold your child self in love. Go within and speak to him or her and tell her that she did everything the way she was meant to and that mistakes are okay. Let your child self know that he is going to go on making mistakes and that it is okay.  

Every time you feel guilt and shame go within and find your inner child and remind her she never did anything bad. She did the very best she could, and she tried very hard.  Hold close and comfort your child self who tried so hard to do it all perfectly because he just wanted to be loved. Be compassionate and loving with yourself.  You deserve it.

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