Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Pleiadians and the New Dawning, Part 2

The natural forces and the universal energies offer us support as we begin to awaken.  
We were always meant to awaken at this time—to awaken to the beauty of our humanness and to begin to remember our true spiritual natures. The Pleiadians and the  spiritual energies of the Universal Consciousness are working together to assist us in our awakening and to help us embrace both our spiritual natures as well as our humanness.  

They want to put the word CONSCIOUS in big letters for us, because this process requires our conscious attention. It’s about our CONSCIOUS alignment to the spiritual forces and the energies of the Universal Consciousness, which allows us to embrace our humanness and anchor our spiritual natures back into our physical bodies.  This conscious alignment moves us towards self-healing and helps us build conscious compassion, love, and patience with all aspects of ourselves.

The changing times and energies on this planet indicate that we are ready for this conscious awakening. The new energies are about not staying small and insignificant but experiencing the unlimited aspect of our spiritual natures.

We must be willing to meet ourselves in our humanness and celebrate that—to hold that human aspect in reverence and allow ourselves to be birthed into new awareness to CONSCIOUSLY experience our spiritual expansion and our human nature at the same time.  

Because we came here at this time to have these experiences of our humanness and to birth our natural spiritual natures, this is the changing the consciousness of the Earth.  The Earth is moving from a 3rd dimensional planet into a 4th 5th 6th dimensional planet.  The Pleiadians say this is because each of you have pre-agreed to be here to have this dual-consciousness and to learn to embrace your humanness differently than you have in the past.

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