Thursday, April 7, 2011

Look for the Language of Light series to begin soon.

THE "LANGUAGE OF LIGHT" SERIES WILL consist of three modules, each of which containseight separate classes, designed to be taken at the pace of two classes a month for four months. Each Class will be presented in video format, and is accompanied by downloadable homework in the form of PDF and audio files, which are designed to be completed after the class.
In Module one you will view a series of specially prepared Videos. I will personally guide you through each class, assisting you energetically as needed.
During the videos energetic Symbols will be presented to you, and you will be guided into energetic doorways within the Symbols where you will experience different dimensional spaces. Within these dimensional spaces you will begin to connect to aspects of your own light energy. When you journey within the doorways of light contained within each Symbol you will begin to re-align to your own unique frequency of light. 
You will also be introduced to sacred sounds that accompany each symbol. As you work with these Sacred Sounds, you will start to create a frequency that is uniquely yours, and which is not only recognized and received by the Symbol, but also acknowledged by the entire Universe.  Your Sacred Sound also resonates within your own body, which responds by creating openings within your cells and organs, enabling them to energetically expand in resonance with the Sounds, which in turn facilitates a rejuvenation and healing of your physical body. 
And finally, you will be introduced to specific hand mudras that bring another multi-dimensional dynamic to this awakening process. As you begin to master working with the Symbols and Sacred Sounds, a specific accompanying Hand Mudra is introduced to open up another element to accelerate your process.  Each Hand Mudra is an avenue to create a powerful alignment to different dimensions of light. Fluid states exist in all dimensions other than the 3rd dimension. As you practice and align with each aspect of the Mudra you will actually begin to connect with your own light, and start receiving flowing lines of light energy that birth within your cells, transforming them with a new level of fluidity. This will enable you to birth yourself from a 3rd dimensional state into 4th/5th/6th dimensional energy.
There is an energetic synergy between the Symbols, their Sacred Sounds and their Hand Mudras—a unity of light. Since each one of us also is a part of this unity of light, the initiations make it possible for us to return back into this oneness, to become one with this powerful synergy.
This IS “The Language of Light.”
Module 1 of the Language of Light series is coming soon.  Click here for a more detailed description of Module 1:  

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