Thursday, April 14, 2011


Those who are not familiar with my work with the Pleiadians will sometimes ask me what Pleiadian Transmissions are and what they do. I love sharing about the guidance and healing of the Pleiadians and want to share their knowledge and light with anyone who will receive it.  Pleiadian Transmissions are energetic sessions channeled by the Pleiadians that are held in different venues throughout the world. Open to the general public, these events usually last about ninety minutes. 

Each Pleiadian Transmission begins with a channeled dialogue from the Pleiadians.  Every transmission has a special theme  and so is always different from any other transmission. As the transmission progresses there is a combination of dialogue and toning that creates healing and energetic transformations, initiating you into a higher level of your own light. 

Pleiadian Transmissions are highly transformational, assisting you in taking another step towards your authentic Self. They work by transmitting healing light out to large groups of people, so everyone within the area receives these transformational light energies. The transmissions of light open up initiations for you, initiations of the Self through your cells. Thus you may experience healing of the physical and emotional bodies, and you may also experience new levels of spiritual awakening. 

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