Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Pleiadian Enlightenment Academy is Now Open!

IT IS WITH GREAT JOY THAT I HAVE BEEN able to channel through this sacred work from the Pleiadians. They have opened up an exciting opportunity for us to receive the very first program in a series of unique Courses that they wish to teach us.
The first Course comprises a program, or series, of Light Initiations called Language of Light.
I am privileged to be working with the Pleiadians, and invite you to join me in this wonderful adventure of discovery of Self.  I refer to it as an adventure because I believe that the single most important journey that we are to make in this lifetime is the re-discovery of our Selves; this journey of the re-alignment back to our natural spiritual natures.
I personally, look forward to working with all of you that feel called to open up, to take your next step forward, and to say yes to participating in this transformative Course.
For more information on the Language of Light Initiations Course, please click on the link:

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