Thursday, April 21, 2011

What is Frequencies of Brilliance?

To explain more about the work of the Pleiadians and the Frequencies of Brilliance I would like to share a short excerpt from my book, Pleiadian Initiations of Light, that explains. 


Frequencies of Brilliance is 4th/5th and 6th dimensional work, and it creates a powerful, multi-dimensional healing energy that is above and far beyond what this 3rd dimension earth plane can provide. Because this energy is from the higher dimensional levels it opens up and allows for advanced physical and emotional healing to take place with each person. An important role of this work is to also create accelerated spiritual awakenings though light initiations. These powerful initiations are designed to work uniquely with each person for whatever level they are at in the moment, bringing deep personal direct experiences from the Spiritual realms and the Pleadians. This work aligns you to new aspects of your light Self and anchors this light into the cells of your body for your awakening.

The Pleadians have crafted a series of light initiations designed to awaken the human being to be aligned to the Spiritual Self. They use the sacred geometrical forms for some of the initiations, and work within the Stargate spaces with you for other higher-level initiations.

Many of the healings associated with the Frequency of Brilliance have been called miraculous, yet in truth they are simply healings that are made possible when associated with the 4th/ 5th/ and 6th dimensions spaces. These energies connect to the higher levels of Self of the person receiving the work, allowing for deep healing to take place. This is cutting-edge healing work that can accelerate healing processes on a physical and emotional level, and take that person on the Spiritual path to an accelerated awakening.

The Pleadians are truly amazing in how they channeled through to me these different processes that are so dynamic and powerful. And even more remarkable is that all these processes bypass the ego mind, which is incredibly helpful to us as human beings. 

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